Alvaro Uribe Condemns Latin America’s silence

Can I say a final thing about the government of Venezuela? Do you know what worries me?

(In Venezuela), little by little, (the Maduro regime) is erecting another Cuba, not one with 11 million inhabitants but with 28 million, with petroleum, in alliance with nuclear powers from the East, with 2,216 kilometers of frontier with (Colombia), which is eliminating the independence between institutions, which is eliminating private enterprise, and creativity, and which is confident that it won’t fail like the old communism (failed) because petroleum makes the difference.

But it is condemned to fail, even if it has petroleum.

The history of humanity has demonstrated that economies fail without private initiative because people become dull and creativity disappears.

The people of Cuba are a poor people, education and health care did not work because since there was no private enterprise the advances (made) in education and health did not translate into the wellbeing of the citizenry and since today there (still) is no private enterprise education and health care (in Cuba) have stagnated, among other things…all communisms have failed because they don’t have the revolution of communications.

And in good measure the failure of Cuba…what is owed to? To the Latin American permissiveness towards the Cuban dictatorship… and I fear greatly that the Latin American permissiveness towards the dictatorship of Venezuela is doing great harm to the people of Venezuela.

The world protested against the coup d’etat in Honduras, but what did they not protest against the coup d’etat in Venezuela?

Isn’t a coup d’etat against a branch of public power like the legislative branch of power as serious as a coup d’etat against the executive branch of power? In Venezuela there has been a legislative coup d’etat and Latin America remained silent.

This is very grave, that the silence of the Latin American leadership that helped to consolidate the dictatorship of Cuba is now opening up and clearing the way, indeed rolling out the red carpet for the new dictatorship in Venezuela….I leave this (thought) with you…

General Peñaloza Message to Armed Forces

Expel the foreign Cuban invaders from Venezuela. Oust the quisling traitors that call themselves Venezuelans but surrendered Venezuela to the Cubans. Reject Diosdado Cabello’s desperate efforts to compel Army troops to take the streets to slaughter pro-democracy forces. The Army of Bolivar must defend the constitution that the illegitimate Maduro regime tramples upon. No dialogue with the treasonous Maduro regime. Maduro and all his communist narco-gangsters must resign immediately.

Pendiente Con Esa Gente

Barricades in Las Vegas de Tariba, where “colectivo” gunmen escorted/supported by Bolivarian Nazi-onal Guard yesterday attacked unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators. More visual evidence of Maduro regime’s repression, human rights abuses and, yes, war crimes against the people.

Leopoldo Lopez: Political Prisoner

Leopoldo Lopez, jailed illegally on fabricated charges, urges Venezuelans who love democracy to stand tall, stay in the streets, continue protesting peacefully. Leopoldo’s manifesto from his prison cell in Ramo Verde is read by Carlos Vecchio, currently in hiding from the regime’s political persecution