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Dirtbag Derwick’s New Shill

Hans Hertell, Boricua, former US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic (2001-07), attorney (of course), former banker in Puerto Rico, longtime pal of infamously notorious Cuban-Venezuelan dirtbags that own properties in La Romana and Miami. You’ll be reading a lot more … Continue reading

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Simon says….

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Hugo Carvajal, Friend of the FARC…

…and associate of 6to Poder’s Leocenis Garcia. Hey Gringo, a reader opines. You might be on the right track about why Hugo “El Pollo” Carvajal and 6to Poder’s publisher, Leocenis Garcia, became associates while Garcia was jailed in Carvajal’s dungeonsin … Continue reading

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La Paloma Completica

The Atlantic Council hosted a panel discussion on Venezuela today in Washington, DC entitled “Will the Lights Go Out? Implications of a Venezuelan Market Turnaround.” “Market turnaround….?” The Venezuelan panelists were Luis Vicente Leon of Datanalisis, Fedecamaras President Jorge Roig … Continue reading

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MUD Quits Phoney Dialogue

The reduced handful of traditional parties clustered around the MUD finally did something sensible. They walked out of the Maduro regime’s dog-and-pony show. The MUD has suspended its month-old “dialogue” with the Maduro regime because the regime is acting in … Continue reading

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Mejor No Decir Nada….

Caught up with a Venezuelan friend and occasional business associate this afternoon. He’s Venezuelan Army, a Colonel, retired, from a traditional multi-generational military family. He’s a good man, a hard worker, someone who inspires the thought that perhaps Venezuela might … Continue reading

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Mired in MUD

MUD announced the suspension of “work group” meetings that were “dialoguing” with the regime about a proposed amnesty law, a truth commission and the appointment of new “public powers” at the Supreme Court, Attorney General’s office, etc. Ramon Jose Medina, … Continue reading

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