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Castro Comunista Fuera de Venezuela

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Alvaro Uribe Condemns Latin America’s silence

Can I say a final thing about the government of Venezuela? Do you know what worries me? (In Venezuela), little by little, (the Maduro regime) is erecting another Cuba, not one with 11 million inhabitants but with 28 million, with … Continue reading

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General Peñaloza Message to Armed Forces

Expel the foreign Cuban invaders from Venezuela. Oust the quisling traitors that call themselves Venezuelans but surrendered Venezuela to the Cubans. Reject Diosdado Cabello’s desperate efforts to compel Army troops to take the streets to slaughter pro-democracy forces. The Army … Continue reading

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Las Vegas de Tariba Under Attack

Guardia del Pueblo/Bolivarian Nazi-onal Guard conducting joint offensive operations with armed “colectivos” aka Tupamaros.

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Pendiente Con Esa Gente

Barricades in Las Vegas de Tariba, where “colectivo” gunmen escorted/supported by Bolivarian Nazi-onal Guard yesterday attacked unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators. More visual evidence of Maduro regime’s repression, human rights abuses and, yes, war crimes against the people.

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Leopoldo Lopez: Political Prisoner

Leopoldo Lopez, jailed illegally on fabricated charges, urges Venezuelans who love democracy to stand tall, stay in the streets, continue protesting peacefully. Leopoldo’s manifesto from his prison cell in Ramo Verde is read by Carlos Vecchio, currently in hiding from … Continue reading

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Thug to Maduro: Order a Slaughter

Angry pro-regime thug urges Nicolas Maduro to give the order to attack anti-government protesters. “We’ll sweep them,” he yells. Since he’s at the beach, very likely he’s already drunk and venting his true feelings.

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