General Peñaloza Message to Armed Forces

Expel the foreign Cuban invaders from Venezuela. Oust the quisling traitors that call themselves Venezuelans but surrendered Venezuela to the Cubans. Reject Diosdado Cabello’s desperate efforts to compel Army troops to take the streets to slaughter pro-democracy forces. The Army of Bolivar must defend the constitution that the illegitimate Maduro regime tramples upon. No dialogue with the treasonous Maduro regime. Maduro and all his communist narco-gangsters must resign immediately.


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4 Responses to General Peñaloza Message to Armed Forces

  1. Old 0311 says:

    I just hope his message gets through to enough in the military to oust the Cubans and the other bloodsuckers.


    • Boludo Tejano says:

      As Chavismo has had 15 years to promote compliant officers and to retire non-compliant officers- with the added incentive of narcodollars for compliance- I suspect that the message will not get through as you wish.


  2. General Peñaloza is appealing to patriotism still existing within the armed forces. Lets hope he finds it.


  3. Old 0311 says:

    Are there still enough non-compliant officers left in the middle ranks to have a positive effect? Ones who have not been bought. Ones who see their higher than normal salaries as just another form of a payoff? I can only hope so for my many Venezuelan friends.


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