Powerful Cuban Presence in Venezuela


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Representing less than 0.00000000001515152% of the world population as of 31 December 2011.
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2 Responses to Powerful Cuban Presence in Venezuela

  1. Old 0311 says:

    Maybe it is me being a gringo and far away from the everyday problems of the Venezuelan people, but if your temperature is above room temperature and your I.Q. if larger than a rock. You can see the Cuban plan for Venezuela going back to the 90’s.

    Expect for maybe the referendum of 2008 the Cubans have out thought the opposition at every turn. I have read a couple of times of certain opposition leaders wanting to cut off the oil and money flow to Cuba. But to me the bigger concern would be to get all the Cuban advisers out of the military, out of the government and out of the police. These are the ones who really control the government.

    Why is this not one of the opposition’s key points? Demand that the government send them home where Venezuelan’s and Venezuelan’s alone can solve their problems. Preach Venezuelan nationalism without influence from outside be it USA, EU, or Cuba.

    Has anyone ever investigated the opposition leaders who decided on the ‘absenteeism’ that allowed the government to control the National Assembly. Where are they now and is their bank accounts fatter?


  2. Lets hope the ‘some day’ that Carlos Berizbeitia talks abut comes sooner rather than later, because there still is patriotism in the Venezuelans, as demonstrated by their country-wide rebellion since February 12. The forces of communism are large, but their failings are larger still.


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