Bassil’s and Juancho’s Killer?

Bassil's and Juancho's Killer?

Jonathan Rodriguez is a “person of interest” for CICPC investigators who are trying to identify who killed Bassil Dacosta and Juancho Montoya last week – the former an innocent student at his first pro-democracy rally and the latter a known murderer. and leader of a “collective” in 23 de Enero. Rodriguez, whose neighbors downtown identify him as one of the men firing at running students the instant Bassil collapsed dying to the pavement, followed split seconds later by Juancho, reportedly is a cop (PoliCaracas?) and ministerial bodyguard with ties to some “collectives” in 23 de Enero. Neighbors report that Rodriguez fled his home with family and suitcases in hand the day after the killings to parts unknown. Likely he doesn’t fear judicial prosecution for his crimes, if in fact he did fire the shots that killed Bassil and Juancho. Rather, Jonathan Rodriguez is fleeing because he knows with absolute certainty that he will be killed, and likely tortured first, when the “collectives” find him. His immediate family could well be on the hit list too, given Juancho’s hierarchy in the “collectives” and their code of blood revenge.


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