Regime gunmen murder again

Regime gunmen murder again

Genesis Carmona, murdered in Valencia by gunmen from pro-regime “colectivos” who fired dozens of shot at unarmed student protesters. At least 11 more wounded by gunfire. Carabobo state Governor Francisco Ameliach tweeted a line that suggests Diosdado Cabello is commander-in-chief of the murderous aggression unelashed against unarmed protesters by National Guard, Sebin and “colectivo” killers.


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2 Responses to Regime gunmen murder again

  1. Luis Herrera says:

    I think this so called “colectivos” are also the same Avispas negras” from Cuba!!…MURDERS


  2. plob500 says:

    It was Ameliach, governor of Carabobo state, at local level who ordered the colectivos to attack. This instruction was published in the local press the day before the shooting (18th February “Notitarde” page 7).


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