Excellent Chavez campaign video

Why can’t Henrique Capriles Radonski’s campaign produce something this good?

It couldn’t be lack of money; after all, Capriles reportedly spent $40 million on his primary campaign.

Consultores 21 has Hugo Chavez and Capriles Radonski in a literal tie three months before the 7 October presidential election.

But I’m still wondering what Capriles represents or stands for – besides the desperate desire by about half of the country to be rid of Chavez forever.

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12 Responses to Excellent Chavez campaign video

  1. NET says:

    “Dear” Gringo: I think almost 72 hours are enough for your “moderation” (=censure) of my last comment, which means it won’t be published. Which also means I won’t comment anymore on your Blog, even if OCCASIONALLY it has something interesting to say. This makes 2 of my last 3 comments not being published (oh, yes, you’ll probably publish this comment to show your readers how “liberal” you are). Yes, it’s your Blog, and you can publish what you damn well feel like. But, the 2 of my last 3 comments not published did not agree with your opinion (coincidence-not!): e.g., my opinion that the Mossad is far better than your (laughable) opinion that the Cuban G2 Intelligence network is the best ; and my opinion that Chavez’s recent TV commercial at best appeals only to his base, while Capriles’ message is doing a good job. If you still wonder what Capriles represents or stands for, maybe you should open your eyes, and read a little.

    Caracas Gringo reply: Mr. Tilden, I work for a living. Three full-time jobs, in fact, that keep me very busy 24/7. My last vacation was in 2007. Blogging is just a hobby. I blog when I have time to do so. That means I also read comments when I have time to do so. The past couple of months I’ve been very busy and haven’t had much time to blog or check comments. You seem to think that as soon as you post a comment it must be placed on the blog immediately; otherwise, you assume that you are “censured” (I presume you meant “censored,” right? Censured and censored have different meanings). I don’t post comments immediately/automatically because (1) some comments need grammatical corrections (i.e. such as writing the correct word in your comment above: censored as opposed to censure), (2) others are attempts to insert advertisements, (3) some are redundant, sent by the same person two or three times (you’re in this category), (4) some are whiney (you again), and (5) some are penned by people who can curse a blue streak but can’t write coherently. I don’t know what your problem is, and I don’t care. Since you started commenting some time ago, you have sent several comments that are gratuitously insulting, whiney complaints about your comments not being posted quickly enough, and you invariably reach the wrong conclusion, as you did above, by stating that you are being “censured” (i.e. censored, right?). I also recall we had a brief e-mail exchange some months ago where you ranted about your comments not being posted immediately. I’m tired of wasting my time with people like you. I’ve never met you, but based on your comments and the e-mails we have exchanged I probably wouldn’t want to meet you anyway. I thought about inviting you publicly to insert your head where the sun never shines, but that would involve contortions that you probably cannot engage in, hence I’ll post your comment above. If you have something interesting to say relating to what I post I’ll be happy to post your comments. But please don’t send any more idiotic rants like the one above.


  2. Carlos says:

    By reading all these people comments I cannot but feel sorry for my country… Have you ever read a history book? Have you ever read a newspaper? PEOPLE NEVER CHOOSE A LEADER RATIONALLY, especially if they are in need. this is not a president we’re a choosing. A president of Venezuela is not a bureaucrat. People want, need to see a leader, whether we like it or not, thats what the president has always been in our political system: A CEASAR. Get that? You cannot change that with good intentions or while out of power.
    The comfortable position of our middle and upper middle classes campaigners and followers fail to realize that.
    Women know how it works, they usually treat “nice guys” the way they deserve. Venezuela is a woman.


  3. Kepler says:

    It is what Chávez got from consultant Santana, a rehash of a 1998 campaign he produced for Lula

    We should rather tell people how they are just copying things from a country that is turning to become Venezuela’s next master.
    Brazilian heart -> Venezuelan heart, smiley people.
    Venezuelans could yet a completely different picture…they can be influenced by populism but even if most have a dismal education level, they are no idiots. Show them the numbers, show them where the money really is going. Express some of the things the new government would do that would hurt the boliburgueses.


  4. NET says:

    I believe this commercial appeals to the maybe 30% of Venezuelans who are unquestionably tied to Chavez due to some Mision/Government/etc.handout or job. But there are at least 70% who have not received anything substantial, do not have a decent job/income, have lost a business/land, have a relative/friend killed or badly wounded by violence, and some may even know that if Chavez wins they will lose there home or part of it (the new “Mision Vivienda”, Castro/Allende-style). Capriles’ commercial and speeches address all these concerns. The Country is FED UP with the Chavez SHAM, and if he were to win, it will be by fraud- Remember the 52% Asamblea Opposition win, without: a United Front; multiple strong campaigners (Perez/Lopez/Falcon/Vivas/et.al.); Country-wide person-to-person campaigning; and more years of total Country destruction. I felt the same way as now before the 1998 Chavez win, which was foreseen then by very few. The Country is in much worse shape now than then, the only difference being it is run/controlled by Forajidos.

    Caracas Gringo reply: Actually, I think the percentage of Venezuelans benefiting from a Mission or government handout is closer to 40%, and if you look at households where more than one member is in a mission, or in several missions simultaneously, you’ll find that as many as 50% of Venezuelans – if not more – are direct/indirect beneficiaries of missions or various govt freebies.


  5. Maria Gonzalez says:

    I would say that the problem is not of HCR’s campaign…the problem is every one of the Venezuelans that will decide their vote base on a video or a jingle! If this is what most of the Venezuelans do…so we have not learn anything but learn how to be “mendigos” asking for a government to solve all our problems! About the “peace, love and inclusion” campaign I do not see as a bad thing…if you think about even Chavez try the love, peace campaign with the Corazon de mi Patria…the only bad part is that the peace and love will be for the chavistas only!…and that is the big differences.

    Disclaim: Advertising always works in the reverse way for me…if you are trying to sell me something to hard…i will never buy it…so a song or a good video will not decide for who I vote!


  6. Pedro says:

    Sarcasm is the greatest form of wit…. thanks for brightening this day….


  7. Jose says:

    HCR does have a campaign video which you probably have not seen. Check youtube. Its about the same format, but less music and a lot more content. I think it does address Caracas Gringo’s concerns about what dows HCR stands for. I heard it is not on TV due to CNE constraints. You should see it. Then tou will have another opinion. Thank you.


  8. Eduardo says:

    Why should he show some teeth. Who would those teeth woo, who would they convince? Will ni-nis be suddenly charmed by some tough love like in previous editions? I mean, when has the radical approach ever worked? We, the hardeened oppo are going to vote for HCR even if his skin is red, grows horns, a tail and plays 666 at every lotto. All he has to do to get us to vote for him is show up. Now, convincing chavistas, or at least ni-nis, that is a whole different matter, and I am at least optimistic, given the fact that he is trying something else. He might just win.


  9. ximena says:

    Could it be, due to the fact that HCR, is different…?…and that his advisors do not want to lie to the Venezuelan people as much as chavez does….did you notice the semblance to Cuba…in the takes of houses, and people, either dancing or with their hands uo…most agree that the jingle is great….but, give Enriques people a chance, maybe, I do not know, only hope, they are preparing somethins as good or better than this one…and you are rignt, either we like him or not, weather we have dozens of doubts or not…the thing is…we want chavez out as soon as possible and by any way,,,,,,and this is what we have, it was decided and this is it….so, stop asking questions that can not be answer, because, it can not be change…if you like it or not, there is nothing else….it is Henrique, and we have to support him as much as possible…


  10. Guillermo Ferrero says:

    It really hurts to admit it but you’re right; HCR’s campaign team and/or media advisors seem incapable of producing something as good as this. Worse still, his speech writers seem to be stuck in the “peace, love and inclusion” theme when it’s time to show some teeth! What a shame!


  11. Juan says:

    Have you seen this: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C9XpL9k6eMI (+65.000 views in 5 days)??? Two radical and different views. One video just about one person and the other about one country, hope and change… no coments necessary.

    Caracas Gringo reply: 65,000 views vs 12,000 and change; good point for an Internaut…but who controls 80%-plus of the media that will broadcast the Chavez jingle? It’s always been about one individual with Chavez, not a country. But my question stands: What does Capriles represent or stand for besides roughly half of Venezuelans who want to get rid of Chavez? Half a country? Perhaps. Pero acaso Venezuela es realmente un pais, o mas bien es una sociedad de complices donde cada quien jala pa’ su lado? I fear Capriles could win and still lose because he is not competing on a level playing field. Chavez could lose and still be declared officially the winner, because he controls the playing field, the rules of the game, the CNE, Attorney General, Supreme Court, National Assembly. And, no, I do not think for an instant that the armed forces will intervene ‘institutionally’ to ‘safeguard the constitution.”


    • Jose says:

      Of course Chavez controls everything and it is not an even playing field. We all know that. That is the challenge. That is our reality. Let us accept it and overcome it. It is not clear what it is you are proposing here. Thank you.


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