Nairobi’s Bolivarian Pig

Three male employees at the Venezuelan embassy in Nairobi have filed formal complaints with Kenya’s Diplomatic Police Unit accusing acting Ambassador Gerardo Carrillo Silva of “constant sexual harassment,” the Nairobi Star reports.

The men who filed the complaints are Kenyan nationals. One is the ambassador’s driver, the second is a longtime cook at the ambassador’s residence, and the third is a private security official who resigned from his job as a watchman for the ambassador’s residence due to Carrillo Silva’s alleged sexual improprieties.

Carrillo Silva’s alleged homosexuality is not the issue. Readers should not infer that Caracas Gringo is gay bashing.

There are two important aspects to this matter.

First, Carrillo Silva’s alleged improprieties bring international shame and dishonor to the Republic of Venezuela. All Venezuelan diplomats serving in foreign posts always, and without any exceptions, must represent the Republic of Venezuela honorably and responsibly. Anything less is completely unacceptable.

Second, homosexuality is a serious criminal offense under Kenyan law. Sections 162, 163 and 165 of the Kenyan Penal Code of 1930, as revised in 2006, stipulate that homosexuality is a felony punishable with prison terms ranging from 7 years up to 21 years depending on the nature of the offense.

These statutes contradict the Kenya Constitution that was enacted on 27 August 2010, specifically Articles 2, 19, 24, 27, 28 and 31, which refer to individual rights and freedoms, non-discrimination, human dignity and privacy.

But the constitution of Kenya does not expressly protect the rights of LGBT Kenyans because Kenyan culture/society is overwhelmingly intolerant of homosexuality.

The 2007 Pew Global Attitudes Project found that 96% of Kenyan citizens believe that homosexuality is an unacceptable way of life, the fifth highest rate of non-acceptance of the 45 countries that were surveyed.

LGBT Kenyans are striving at great risk to their lives and human dignity to change social/cultural attitudes in their country.

Venezuelan Ambassador Carrillo Silva’s alleged sexual improprieties not only shame and dishonor the Republic of Venezuela; they also arguably hurt the efforts of LGBT Kenyans to gain greater legal protections and social/cultural acceptance in their country.

Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro must recall Ambassador Carrillo Silva to Caracas immediately and offer a formal written apology to the government and people of Kenya – assuming, of course, that Maduro has an ounce of common sense and diplomatic prudence. Anything less only will compound the shame and dishonor that Carrillo Silva has inflicted on Venezuela.


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9 Responses to Nairobi’s Bolivarian Pig

  1. Pat says:

    Are they trying to blame the ambassador of homosexuality to hide narcotics smuggling????


  2. almabuena says:

    Damned leadership Hugo Chávez & his bolivarian revolution are destroying not only Venezuela but others countries


  3. Elihja Guevo says:

    Now his replacement has been killed. Wonder what did she do.


  4. Kolya says:

    27 Jul 2012 13:11 VENEZUELA AMBASSADOR to Kenya killed at her Runda residence, Nairobi. Police launch investigations.

    Latest development on this story.Tragic!


  5. NET says:

    Those backward African nations just don’t get it-Bolivarian Venezuela is “soberana” and “independiente”, as are their citizens, especially with diplomatic immunity. As for “shame/dishonor”, Carrillo Silva is just continuing the Venezuelan diplomatic tradition overseas of such “sovereign” acts as, for example, the Venezuelan diplomat in Paris stealing the funds sent for “citizen” El Chacal (denounced by El Chacal himself), or the female diplomat in Miami/Mexico meeting with hackers to stage cyber-attacks on key U.S. security/nuclear installations, or…(se para de contar.”


  6. Alfred says:

    Gringo my first impression went I read the news was of this bastard abusing his power over some indefensive woman,but now some how I feel worst that he used his power to force his homosexuality over some indefensive man.
    He must be recall.
    Some how I also feel that the rights of the Venezuelan childrens are never part of political debate,they must also be protected.


  7. NET says:

    “…assuming, of course, that Maduro has an ounce of common sense and diplomatic prudence.”—NOT!!!


  8. Roy says:

    “Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro must recall Ambassador Carrillo Silva to Caracas immediately…”

    Don’t hold your breath waiting.


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