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The US government must hand over to Venezuela all the information that former Supreme Court Justice Eladio Aponte Aponte has shared with US authorities about the Chavez government’s alleged links to international drug traffickers, according to Maria Corina Machado.

“Our position must be very firm with the government of the US, as it has been with other governments,” Machado said yesterday at a press conference in Miami. “If these denunciations are confirmed we are talking about a narco-state,” she added.

Machado said that as a National Assembly deputy and member of the Interior Policy Commission she will argue that the administration of President Barack Obama must hand over all information provided by Aponte Aponte to the assembly.

Maria Corina is perhaps the most courageous opposition legislator in the assembly. She is fearless, beyond the slightest doubt.

But let’s think about her demand for a moment.

Machado wants the US government to hand over everything that Aponte Aponte has shared with US authorities – to the Chavez-controlled assembly.

The bad guys control the assembly, which means that if the US government agrees to accommodate Machado and does hand over all of Aponte’s information, the bad guys will know precisely by name and event which members of the Chavez regime have been fingered by the former judge.

The Chavez regime isn’t going to vanish soon – even if Chavez dies. As a result, once the bad guys have in their power the information that Aponte has shared, then they will know precisely where to focus official cover-up efforts that include killing potential witnesses, shredding documents, etc.

Machado’s central point appears to be that Venezuelans are entitled to know about the criminals and gangsters who control the government and call themselves revolutionaries. And she’s right.

But Machado’s rhetorical question – how would the governments of Mexico and Colombia react if allegations like Aponte’s were lodged against those governments – is nonsensical; apples and oranges.

The defense ministers of Mexico and Colombia have not been designated officially by the US as drug traffickers.

As bad as things have become in Mexico, and as bad as they used to be in Colombia before former President Alvaro Uribe Velez fought the FARC without asking or giving quarter, those countries have never been ruled by self-declared communists in bed with Fidel Castro, the FARC and international organized crime.

Colombia and Mexico’s governments have never been supported by up to 40,000 Cuban nationals deployed in those countries on official “support” missions.

Former Colombian President Ernesto Samper arguably was a narco-president. Samper’s presidential campaign in 1994 did knowingly take money from the now-defunct Cali cartel.

The founders of Mexico’s Zetas used to be Mexican federal police and army officials before they crossed over to the dark side. Narco-corruption certainly is rampant in Colombia and Mexico. But it’s still apples and oranges when those countries today are compared with Bolivarian Venezuela.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos extradited Walid Makled back to Venezuela, where he is now being tried by a closed court. Very little of the information that Makled has aired in court has seen the light of day publicly – not that it matters, since it’s public knowledge that dozens of generals and senior government officials got very rich doing “negocios” with Walid.

But has anyone in the military or the government been arrested yet as a result of Makled’s testimony? Has the attorney General’s office launched new investigations into Bolivarian narco-trafficking? Nope. As Jose Vicente Rangel would say, “Everything in Venezuela is excessively normal.”

Meanwhile, Venezuela’s presidency, defense ministry, the National Guard, Sebin intelligence service, Supreme Court, National assembly, and every other institution of governance is thoroughly penetrated and compromised by Bolivarian corruption and Fidel’s forces.

Still, Machado wants the Obama administration to hand over everything Aponte delivered. Presumably, Venezuela is entitled, has “sovereign rights,” etc.

By all means, let’s give the bad guys in Bolivarian Cubazuela all the information that Aponte has provided to the US authorities so that they literally can bury the most damning and verifiable evidence of their crimes and go on to live full happy lives in freedom, enjoying their ill-gotten fortunes.

What a capital idea!

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6 Responses to Lumpia Corner

  1. jau says:

    Gringo, I think that all guilty parties already know full what Aponte is saying and are already covering up evidence, i.e. the two generals killed come to mind. I mean, you are either in the shit or not involved, no grey area here.

    What she wants is that the public knows about it so venezuelans in general know the truth about the narco state. Anyway, the US will not release the info nor the venezuelan controlled media will show it to the people outside the big cities. So, not much will happen in bizarrozuela


  2. Dave says:

    Wait a second, nothing is coming out of this, Aponte is protected and whatever he provides is privileged and protected and nobody’s business.

    There will be no depositions, indictments, nothing will see the light of day. por ahora.

    Don’t go leaning on the gringos now to do your right thing!


  3. Roy says:

    I can see no legal basis for this “demand”. Just because Aponte is a Venezuelan citizen, does not give Venezuela the right to demand the results of voluntary communications that a third country, such as the U.S., might have with that citizen. Were Venezuela to have a relationship of mutual respect and cooperation with the U.S., they might well “request” such information, and such a “request” might well be honored. But a demand? No way, Jose.

    I admire Maria Corina’s motives and hutzpah, but she is sadly lacking in an understanding of diplomatic protocol and she is not doing her cause any favors.


  4. John says:

    “If these denunciations are confirmed we are talking about a narco-state,” she added.

    She is making a loud public statement as is appropriate (just as you are). But I believe you are dead wrong in saying that Machado wants the US government to hand over everything. She is no fool and probably knows that that is unlikely to happen right now for all kinds of reasons. She is yelling at the top of her voice all the right words drawing people’s attention to the state of the narco-state and positioning herself as being patriotic but I suggest you are being naive if you think she really wants what you are suggesting she wants.

    She wants the world to know she knows and the narco-state knows but the last thing she would want is for the regime to have the ability to execute a cover-up, surely.

    Your bottom line ‘What a capital idea!’ dripping with sarcasm totally misses the point me thinks. Other than that not a bad post.


  5. Alfred says:

    I’m no spy,
    but what the US got on the Cubazuela politburo is for the US to know, and for them ( the bad guys) to find out.
    The USA is paying for and giving protection to Aponte and his family and unless the life of US citizens ,US interest or the US way of life is at risk,this information and the location of Aponte should be kept secret .
    This is valuable information that can be used to further the US influence on the next Venezuelan administration…O no?
    I’m just saying.


  6. Peter says:

    Her concern is they will have the information and not act on it for political reasons. Aponte is a questionable witness at this point and any information he gives must be corroborated by other witnesses. Like many in the government they are willing to tell all when their fortunes change and they are of no use to the regime. I would be concerned as well that an Obama admistration would file the deposition of Aponte and not release it in time to have any effect on the October 2012 elections. You are correct that the competent US agencies need time to build a case that will stand the onslaught of publicity/propaganda that the regime will dish out in order to protect itself but the investigation and its results should be known to the world ASAP.


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