“#Venezuela Los personajes que me dan una cálida bienvenida a este bello país. ¿Qué dirán los que inventan documentales?”

Caracas Gringo recuerda, ademas, haberme encontrado en lobby de hotel en San Salvador con Jorge Gestoso, ex-presentador de CNN en Espanol, quien estaba asesorando a la FMLN. El lema de CNN deberia ser “Viva la Narco-Robolucion Boludoriana”.


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6 Responses to Asco!!!!!

  1. Maritza says:

    I never have liked her, and least Jose Vicente Rangel…he is the worst


  2. Peter says:

    Who said CNN was balanced reporting? From its beginnings it has been a platform for the progressive movement. The only reason that light socialists do not move towards totalitarianism is the backstop of a silent right that may revolt. The photo does not surprise me or ilicit outrage. It is par for the course for the US media outlets.


  3. GotaDeacido says:

    When I first saw this I couldn’t believe it. It just doesn’t fit. JVR is a bottom feeder and an evil spirit. A murderer. I still see the picture and it makes me uncomfortable


  4. Alex Dalmady says:

    Time’s not treating Patricia well lately.


  5. maru says:

    Your late posts are a bit ‘unlike’ you…

    Caracas Gringo reply: I’m angry. No apologies. JVR is a gangster, a killer, a known shill for the worst elements of the Chavez regime. He participated in the planning of the 11 April 2002 massacre. He is one of the most evil creatures alive today in Venezuela. Given all the recent disclosures of the Chavez narco-regime’s crimes, I ask you: Where is the outrage? Where is the repudiation of this evil?


    • BETO says:

      I agree with Gringo. What is an ‘Independent Reporter’ gaining from being “welcomed to the country” by JVR? How does that help her independence in terms of fair and unbiased reporting?


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