Que bolas!

After nine days MIA – missing in action – in Havana, President Hugo Chavez finally surfaced in photographs and video.

Chavez’s re-appearance was staged, but the Cubazuelan production crew couldn’t hide the visible signs of his failing health.

Watch the video carefully.

Chavez is wearing thick pancake, so much that there’s zero perspiration on his face. Look at brother Adan’s face at the start of the video as he jokes with Hugo. Adan’s face and forehead shine, sunlight reflecting off humid skin; but the president’s face is dry except for a small spot high on his forehead near the hairline.

Chavez walks slowly and unsteadily; he tries to toss the bolas with some force but his aim is off – unusually clumsy for a man who has played baseball all his life.

In the video he also appears to favor his left side, at one point holding his left arm against his left side/abdominal area as he leans or bends slightly; a sharp flash of pain, perhaps? He also bends over very slightly and is visibly stiff.

The president’s torso appears thicker around the middle, but his hands appear thinner and his legs look spindly in the video. Weight gain or abdominal distension caused by the painkillers, radiation and other treatment that Chavez is receiving?

Chavez’s face looks very puffy in the video, which was shot at a greater distance from the president than previous videos made in Havana earlier this year. The puffiness and pancake is more obvious in the photographs.

Chavez and gang want the general public to believe he’s coming back soon in fine fettle. In fact, Chavez announced a 48-hour commute to Caracas within days, presumably to decree the new Organic Labor Law and inflict more harm on Venezuela as he tries to spend his way to re-election.

But Nelson Bocaranda reported this week that Chavez was given the definitive bad news in Havana last Saturday. Separately, Dr. Marquina reported that Chavez is now walking with a cane and suffers severe hip pain because the cancer has metastasized into his hip bones and he suffered burns from radiation bombardments improperly applied by the Cuban doctors.

Dr. Marquina also said a month ago that with proper treatment in the US or Brazil, and complete rest Chavez might live until next April. But if Chavez doesn’t do the sensible and prudent thing, he could be felled by his cancer well before the 7 October presidential elections.

However, Chavez reportedly is determined to die with his boots on. It’s not his nature to act sensibly or prudently.

The president’s will to slog forward with his campaign to the bitter end means that Venezuela could be plunged into political and social turmoil this year.

Que bolas!

Chavez has been giving Fidel Castro up to 100,000 b/d of crude oil for almost a decade. He gives the Cuban regime about $5 billion a year in oil, cash and other goodies – all paid for by the Venezuelan people. Chavez also gave the Cuban regime full access to Venezuela’s passport and identification entity (Onidex), the civil and mercantile registries, the armed forces and intelligence services, Pdvsa and other state-owned enterprises, key ministries and government entities…

…in short, Chavez gave Fidel the whole Venezuelan enchilada, and what did Chavez receive in return?

Cuba’s doctors helped the cancer kill Chavez even faster.

What a letdown for Chavez.

My gringo attorney friends say that Chavez, clearly, is the victim of major medical malpractice.

In the US or even Brazil, the Chavez family would have a good shot at winning a huge medical malpractice suit against the doctors that botched the president’s initial diagnosis, surgeries, post-operative treatment, using the wrong chemo, etc.

Of course, if Chavez had sought treatment instead in the US or Brazil, he likely would have received the correct medical treatment and possibly his life would have been saved, or at least prolonged for years.

But Chavez, always driven by deep-seated paranoia, placed his life in the hands of Cuba’s revolutionary medical establishment.

Now the Chavez family can’t sue Cuba’s revolutionary CIMEQ and the Cuban doctors for killing him more quickly because the revolution doesn’t allow malpractice lawsuits, especially against the state.

But Chavez – that is, Venezuelan taxpayers – still reportedly must pay the Cuban regime over $200,000 a day to cover the costs associated with his treatment plus meals, lodging, retinue, etc.

Que bolas!

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9 Responses to Que bolas!

  1. Charly says:

    When he goes, his pal Robert Mugabe will feel even more lonely.


  2. jau says:

    Yo llevo 13 años diciendo QUE BOLAS! cada vez que leo una noticia de la robolucion!


  3. Hugocasimuerto says:

    The Venezuelan people lack of everything. Hugo Chavez refuses to allow business to have preferential dollars in order to buy medicines and medical supplies. Grocery stores are almost empties, and stores in need of supplies. Due to Hugo´s corruption together with his thugs, the country is dying in a painful way. We pay so much tax and we do not see where this money has been used for. We can see the Chavera and Chavez´s family has been from rag to reach at our expenses. They are the new ¨burgueses¨and Hugo said in one of his many hateful speech ¨ser rico es malo, es un pecado..¨Course, they are immune to his own law.


  4. GWEH says:

    I hear you…Fidel took over Venezuela, a petro-state similar to Iraq in population without firing a shot and spending a penny. The Americans on the other hand, paid heavy price in blood and treasure for Iraq. This is where Fidel the military strategist takes the prize.


  5. syd says:

    I don’t see such extended favoring of his left side. Yes, for a moment, it appears. And it would stand to reason if some of the rumors of surgery and/or radiation are true.

    What I don’t buy are the dramatizing of all these blinks (i.e., using a cane) as though they were major smoke signals of imminent demise, told largely by those with self-serving purposes.

    As for US medmal sharks .. most have a reputation for seeing what puts bread on their table. Add to that their distance from the true facts and you’ve got an unreliable source, not even worthy of consideration

    That Ch has a serious affliction is hardly debatable. That he is in bad medical hands, in Cuba, is questionable. If he were in such dreadful hands, (note: with the guidance of oncologists from elsewhere), and let’s suppose that his family could sue CIMEQ and the Cuban doctors, why on earth would daughter # 1 be wearing a baseball cap with Cuba written all over it.

    Under the premise presented, if I were Chavez’ daughter, I’d be disgusted with the Cuban enchilada.

    No, I’ll pass on this. Por ahora.

    Caracas Gringo reply: I didn’t say ‘extended favoring of his left side.” I said that he appears in the video to favor his left side. Chavez is lefthanded and a semi-professional baseball player in his youth, but he lobs the bolas clumsily. The videos and photos released this week appear to confirm reports that Chavez’s health is failing quickly. This was a staged video and photo shoot. Of course Chavez’s daughter will wear the appropriate garb. But Nelson Bocaranda, the Venezuelan columnist who has been extraordinarily accurate in all his reports about Chavez dating back to the first cancer surgery in June 2011, has been reporting for months that Chavez’s daughters are very upset with the way Cuban doctors have botched their dad’s treatment. The Brazilian, Venezuelan and Spanish oncologists who joined the Cuban medical team belatedly were brought into the case at the explicit inistence of Chavez’s daughters, who throughout their father’s ordeal clearly have been more concerned about his welfare than anything else. Thank you for your comment, Ms. H.


    • syd says:

      Mr. anon CG, The crux is timing. When someone says that X appears to favor his left side, without qualifying its duration, the implication is not for a brief moment. Of course, Chavez will be clumsy; he’s recently had surgery/radiation/new colostomy procedure/or whatever (pick one or more). But the voice is strong for one who’s about to go to meet Bolívar. I simply have trouble buying the dramatization.
      The Bocaranda-Marquina duo are a pair, especially the past two weeks. First the cancer is advancing fast, then the report changes to the cancer advancing slowly, always worded in order to hedge bets. You’re welcome to invest all your money on their word.
      As for making arcs between US medmal sharks, and the state of Cuban medicine, without mentioning the early appearance of oncologists from elsewhere (supposedly after the first surgery by Cubans, last year), well, we’ll just leave it at that. Best wishes.


  6. Alek Boyd says:

    Que bolas no. Menos mal. Menos mal, que Chavez se decanto por la medicina cubana. Menos mal:



  7. Alfred says:

    We’d seen this movie before ,with better actors.Chavez is a sick man and Castro is old and tired.
    Better times are on the horizon for the people of Cuba and Venezuela.
    They are both dead. Lo que estan terminando es el papeleo.


  8. Dennis says:

    I dunno- I do not see him limping so bad, nor favoring his leg, nor the powdered face.. I beleive he is ailing, but Maybe you can see things that I do not. I pray he is not re-elected, but I do not wish him any ugly death.. nor anyone. His politcs are a failure, and I hope Venezuela has a new direction come oct.


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