Eladio ‘Kid Twist’ Aponte

Eladio Aponte is making a deal with the US authorities.

The former Supreme Court Justice, former chief of the Supreme Court’s Penal Court, coronel in the Bolivarian army of Venezuela, a high-ranking insider privy to many of the Chavez regime’s blackest secrets and practices currently is being debriefed in the US by the DEA, Homeland Security, and other US federal law enforcement and anti-terrorism entities, according to published reports.

In an interview broadcast this week by Miami-based SOiTV, which is funded by exiled Venezuelan banker Eligio Cedeno, Aponte accused Vice President Elias Jaua, National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello, Attorney General Luis Ortega Diaz, Supreme Court chief justice Luis Estella Morales and other senior Chavez regime officials of holding weekly meetings in Miraflores to rig judicial proceedings according to the president’s dictates.

Aponte also said that while he served as a Supreme Court justice he received calls from President Chavez, current Defense Minister Henry Rangel Silva and former Disip chief “ El Pollo” Carvajal, who reportedly is now in Havana, with instructions on how to rule in cases before the high court.

But that’s just the tip of Aponte’s unfolding memoirs.

Aponte also was THE Supreme Court justice who explicitly looked after the interests of the narco-generals and civilian drug traffickers like Walid Makled.

During the SOiTV interview, Aponte downplayed his own criminal responsibility in the growth of the narco-state that prospers parasitically inside the bowels of the Bolivarian regime and armed forces.

But Aponte spent years in the middle of the Bolivarian military narco-corruption and systemic judicial abuses perpetrated at the explicit direction of President Chavez.

Eladio Aponte could speed up the downfall of the Bolivarian narco-regime like Abe ‘Kid Twist’ Reles accelerated the end of the Brownsville Boys aka Murder Inc. in the 1940s, with one big difference.

Eladio likely won’t be silenced by flying out of a high-rise window like ‘Kid Twist’ Reles.

The US has him, and Aponte is talking.

Aponte reportedly fled with many boxes of files and documents showing where beaucoup bodies are buried.

Aponte reportedly can tie President Chavez and many of his top associates, like Cabello and General Cliver Alcala, directly to drug trafficking and other criminal enterprises.

It’s also reported that before Aponte fled Costa Rica aboard a DEA aircraft, under US protection, that a group of Cuban G2 operatives and Venezuelan army personnel tried to locate and abduct Aponte back to Venezuela – if not kill him in Costa Rica.

The tale of Aponte’s escape from Costa Rica with Cuban and Venezuelan intelligence personnel at his heels sounds incredible, except for the fact that two generals and longtime Chavez associates were assassinated by gunmen in the past month, including one this week.

My sources in the Army suspect that the orders to assassinate generals Aguilarte and Moreno may have come from very high up in the regime, possibly from Cabello. They expect that more generals could be murdered soon.

“They’re cleaning house, eliminating the weakest links with the most damning evidence against everyone else,” the colonel speculates.

The Chavez regime is hugely spooked by Aponte’s escape from Venezuela and his defection to the US. There’s no telling what Aponte will say, much he can prove with documents, and which senior regime figures it could affect in terms of future US federal indictments.

Chavez was able to get Walid Makled back in Venezuela, and currently is trying him in secrecy. But Aponte got away, and the US won’t return the former Supreme Court narco-judge to Chavez.

The senior chavistas most likely to be affected by Aponte’s information were the first to denounce his allegations as a US conspiracy, including Diosdado Cabello, General Cliver Alcala, Elias Jaua, PSUV deputy Pedro Carreno, Attorney General Luisa Ortega, and Interior/Justice Minister Tarek al-Assaimi.

Yesterday AG prosecutor Daisy Bolívar formally gave Interpol’s Caracas office an arrest warrant against Aponte, with a formal request for his inclusion on Interpol’s global red alert wanted list of international fugitives.

However, as of today Aponte has not been charged formally with any crimes, and there are no active police or judicial criminal investigations under way against Aponte anywhere in Venezuela.


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14 Responses to Eladio ‘Kid Twist’ Aponte

  1. Hugo says:

    This is another version of Aponte’s escape from CR, published in “Las verdades de Miguel”, this past friday:

    “Apuntando a Eladio. La manera como fue sacado desde Costa Rica por la DEA el ex magistrado Aponte, pudiera ser fuente de inspiración para un excelente guión de una película de acción y suspenso. Mientras agentes cubanos y nicaragüenses, infiltrados en San José de Costa Rica, revisaban palmo a palmo los hoteles de esa capital, la DEA logró encontrarlo primero y lo llevó a un Centro Comercial donde fue escondido con las seguridades del caso en una pequeña oficina de allí. Esperaron hasta la 1 y 30 de la mañana y a esa hora fueron rumbo al aeropuerto para trasladarlo a Estados Unidos en un avión de la DEA que los esperaba. Al no poder llegar hasta la aeronave, por encontrarse vigilado el avión por los agentes infiltrados, la DEA cambió de planes y tramitó traerlo en un avión de Iberia que tenía pautado viajar en ese momento a Puerto Rico, y fue embarcado en esa aerolínea a las 2 y 15 de la mañana. Aponte estuvo acompañado siempre de Martín Pérez Rodil, uno de los hombres de confianza de Roger Noriega, cercano también al Venezolano Thor Halvorssen. El ex magistrado comenzó a hablar, dijo de todo y sobre casi todos… le falta mucho por decir. De buena fuente supimos que en una primera oportunidad que lo hizo, estaba detrás del vidrio de la sala de declaración la propia Hillary Clinton, quien fue traducida durante las ocho horas que duró la entrevista. Aponte no fue solo con sus dichos; viajó cargado de documentos y hasta de expedientes completos. Lo que trascendió es que antes de octubre el Departamento de Estado solicitará al Gobierno venezolano la inmediata extradición de los generales: Henry de Jesús Rangel Silva, y Cliver Alcalá Cordones; del criminólogo Tareck Zaidan El Aissami Maddah y del técnico superior en Tecnología Policial, Freddy Alirio Bernal Rosales. ”



    • Caracas Gringo says:

      I think Miguel Salazar was told this by someone he trusts, but it ain’t so. Of course, we’d have to see Rodil’s passport to check the entry/departure stamps in Costa Rica and San Juan and also have this confirmed by Aponte to be absolutely 100% certain. But my sources tell me that Salazar’s tale is BS. Aponte was flown out of Costa Rica on a DEA aircaft at the State Department’s very vigorous insistence. Aponte had been hiding in a private residence in Costa Rica, where the SOiTV interview was taped, for at least a week.It’s true that a team of Venezuelan and Cuban intel field operatives were hunting Aponte aggressively in Costa Rica, but the people aiding his escape from Venezuela placed Aponte in a private residence instead of a hotel. The DEA initially planned to debrief Aponte in San Jose and then leave him there, but the State Department was alerted by someone who knew how important Aponte was, and it was only after State intervened directly with the DEA that an aircraft was rushed to Costa Rica to fly Aponte out of the country. Rodil and his employer/associate Roger Noiega had no clue about any of this, and certainly were not involved even indirectly. If they claim otherwise to anyone, they’re lying. By the way, Aponte first sat down in a foreign country to talk with FBI and DEA agents about one year ago, and it wasn’t in Venezuela, Costa Rica or the US. I guess he knew that Makled’s arrest would show up at his doorstep eventually, and like all corrupt bogshites he decided early to rat out his associates in exchange for a deal for himself.


    • g.w.e.h. says:

      Then the regime really fumbled with aponte. They knew twice he had to be neutralized but wavered


    • g.w.e.h. says:

      This smells like bs


  2. The Cat says:

    @Peter: Really? Please explain why you believe this: “a Mitt Romney administration who understands the corrosive nature of the current power structure in Venezuela”? WTF?

    Caracas Gringo reply: Good question. Why would a Romney administration see Venezuela more clearly than Obama, Bush Jr. & Clinton, etc? Personally, I see no reason why Romney would see anything differently with respect to Venezuela. DC has consistently screwed the pooch in Venezuela since the early 1990s.


    • peter70x7@gmail.com says:

      Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on
      My part and hope that a new administration will help spare the people of Venezuela the failed centralized style governments of the soviet era.


    • g.w.e.h. says:

      It’s not about seeing it more clearly. Bush in 2006 was seeing it clearly. It’s more a matter of priorities. Bush squander too much with Iraq invasion. The Cubans are the experts at this game unfortunately


    • Peter says:

      Maybe just maybe a VP by the name of Marco Rubio.


  3. Robert Laine says:

    It is heart-warming to see the infighting which is occurring as the regime (hopefully) tumbles. I was concerned when Makled was extradited to Venezuela but I see now there are bigger fish from which to squeeze out the truth about the narco-state.


  4. Roberto N says:

    How certain is it that he took with him the “boxes of documents”?

    I’m sure he knows tons about who, what, when and where, but documents trump verb every time.


    • g.w.e.h. says:

      He had to have something to offer in return for plane ride to USA.


    • Peter says:

      He was an official in high office. He could just lie and tell the DEA what they want to hear and use against anyone on there hit list for a plane ride and witness protection. Aponte is not a smart man.


    • g.w.e.h. says:

      Digital audio recordings of phone conversations and meetings is what he has if he’s a smart man


  5. Peter says:

    And why would the US current government be interested in negativly affecting a left leanning government. The current administration in the US seems to have no interest in putting the screws to the Chavez regime. Hopefully the information gathered from Aponte will be used by a Mitt Romney administration who understands the corrosive nature of the current power structure in Venezuela. Thank you for the great Blog Mr. Gringo.


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