Dead Army Officers

Two retired Army officers, one a general and the other a captain, have been murdered in less than a month.

Both generals reputedly were longtime friends/associates of President Hugo Chavez and both participated in his 1992 failed coup attempt – although only one was eventually implicated directly in the failed coup.

One killing was drug-related, and one was a revenge killing, my friends in the Army report.

Retired Army brigadier general Wilmer Moreno, 57, former deputy director of military intelligence, commander of the Merida barracks and senior regional PSUV party leader in Anzoategui, was gunned down in Puerto La Cruz a couple of days ago.

Moreno suffered at least five gunshot wounds but was not immediately killed, the preliminary police report says.

Independent eyewitnesses say that Moreno’s life might have been saved if the clinic at Lechería where he was transported had not denied medical treatment for over 45 minutes while awaiting an authorization code from the wounded general’s insurance company.

Moreno’s killers were pros: Two males in a black Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer with dark-tinted windows intercepted Moreno at the entrance to a residential parking garage.

One of the Explorer’s occupants walked up to the general and asked, “Are you Wilmer Moreno?”

When the general replied yes, the gunman immediately opened fire. The second gunman then exited the SUV, also firing at Moreno.

Sebin and CICPC are investigating Moreno’s murder, but officially there are no suspects yet.

But my Army sources report that Moreno’s murder likely was drug-related. Moreno was under suspicion within the Defense Ministry of having “negocios” that involved drug traffickers and drug-related money.

Former Apure state governor and retired Army captain Jesús Alberto Aguilarte Gamez was killed at when he was shot several times at a fast food restaurant in Maracay that is located on Avenida Delicias.

Aguilarte was shot in the face, thorax and abdomen, but did not die immediately. He was operated twice and reportedly one leg was amputated before he died several days later.

At least five persons have been arrested, including the alleged triggerman.

The CICPC and Sebin have been very tightlipped about the motives of the killers, and with good reason.

Aguilarte’s was a revenge killing – payback by members of one family in Apure that suffered alleged atrocities that Aguilarte allegedly orchestrated while he was the governor of Apure.

“Aguilarte for apparently personal reasons had several persons killed and their corpses dismembered while he was governor,” my Army sources say, adding that “some body parts were found after it happened.”

Aguilarte always was suspected of being the intellectual author, but nothing could ever be proven, and he was protected because of his old personal friendship with President Chavez. “The surviving relatives of several of Aguilarte’s victims finally settled the score,” my army source adds.


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