Hugo, Gaitan and Evita

The Bolivarian regime’s narco-generals and senior Cuban officials have met at least twice in the past month to discuss Hugo Chavez as Gaitan or as Evita, according to Nelson Bocaranda, currently the most credible purveyor of inside intelligence on the end times of the Chavez era.

Gaitan or Evita.

Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, one of the most charismatic and populist leaders of Colombia’s Liberal party, was assassinated by a lone gunman in Bogota on 9 April, 1948 while on his second presidential campaign, sparking the “Bogotazo” in which about 200,000 were killed nationally from 1948 to 1958. The FARC’s earliest seeds were sown by the Bogotazo. Over six decades later, the political, social and economic consequences of Gaitan’s assassination still haunt Colombia.

María Eva Duarte de Perón, Santa Evita, the second wife of President Juan Peron who died of cancer on 26 July 1952, and much beloved by Peron’s “descamisados” – the poor workers. Shortly before her death at the age of 33, Argentina’s Congress bestowed on Evita the official title of “Spiritual Leader of the Nation.” Her corpse was embalmed, like Lenin’s.

Hugo Chavez as Jorge Gaitan, a charismatic populist leader gunned down at the top of his game, politically. Not a bad way to go out, for a true warrior.

However, Chavez vowed this week that he’ll go out with his boots on. Chavez won’t resign from power and retire to his deathbed to fade into black nothing on a morphine drip. He’s going to win re-election on 7 October.

But cancer usually doesn’t let its victims schedule their time or die with their boots on.

Chavez martyrized – gunned down or blown up – likely would unleash violent internal upheaval that would justicy the “Army” – i.e the narco-generals – taking control to restore order.

Chavez made into a martyr could spark upheaval from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego, distracting the region’s governments from the emergence of a military narco-regime in Venezuela.

Alternatively, Chavez as Santa Evita, spiritual leader of the Bolivarian revolution, shriveling away in a hospital bed, hooked up to a morphine drip, surrounded by adoring and weeping relatives and senior associates. One last nationally televised candlelit vigil by millions of grieving poor Venezuelans.

St. Hugo, embalmed like Evita and Lenin, possibly, and even entombed alongside the remains of the Liberator Simon Bolivar, blessed by Catholic prelates who worship at the altar of a poor people’s revolutionary Jesus.

Chavez as Gaitan, gone brutally in the blink of an eye.

Chavez the martyrized victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy orchestrated by Venezuela’s squalid fascist right and the hated CIA of the Imperialist Gringos. That’s how Havana’s propagandists would spin Chavez’s death by assassination. It was the gringos, and no doubt a lot of gringo news outlets would run with that meme.

Chavez as Evita, fading over the coming year until the final curtain comes down after a 14-year reign that has left Venezuela in ruins and ashes, and at war with itself. Giving orders and working for his country right to the last, his final breath videotaped for future generations if not broadcast nationally in real time.

Evita dead became an enduring global legend of a poor girl who reached the stars, immortalized in song by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

It could go either way at this point.

Chavez as Gaitan, or Chavez as Evita.

But I don’t see Andrew Lloyd Webber writing a song about Hugo titled “Don’t cry for me Venezuela.”


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2 Responses to Hugo, Gaitan and Evita

  1. Bruni says:

    That would be terrible for Venezuela. If Chávez dies a martyr he will never disappear from Venezuela’s politics. The only way to get rid of Chávez for good is to beat him in the upcoming elections.


  2. The stubborness of an illeterate fascist will sink the country into a civila war for power. In that conflict the democracies of the world will probably stand by and wait for the ashes to cool to provide their “asistance” in their terms


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