Coffin nails

The prognosis for President Hugo Chavez is very bad.

Chavez himself confirmed that it’s curtains for sure within a year or less when he returned from Havana on 5 April, deplaning in his natal state of Barinas.

Chavez exited the presidential aircraft and immediately made these nationally televised remarks:

“Aferrado a la vida estoy y le pido a Dios, a Cristo, mi Señor, que nos siga dando vida y a mí de manera particular así para seguir dándole esta vida a quien hay que darla, a la patria…Doy Gracias a Dios, a Cristo redentor, hoy Jueves Santo, día de su sacrificio… En manos de Cristo me he encomendado. Con él y en él aquí estoy y aquí ando”, declaro el presidente Chavez, quien agrego ademas quee se siente “hoy más cristiano que nunca”.

English translation:

“I am hanging on to life and I ask God, Christ, my Lord, to continue giving us life and particularly to me so that (I) can continue giving (my) life to whom it must be given, to the nation….I give thanks to God, to Christ Redeemer, today Holy Thursday, day of His sacrifice…In the hands of Christ I have commened myself, With Him and in Him here I am and continue going,” President Chavez said, declaring himself “…more Christian than ever today.”

Chavez then attended a special Holy Week Mass celebrated for the president, expressly. Again, Chavez’s remarks confirmed that he’s only a dozen or so coffin nails removed from being a revolutionary tourism attraction in a mausoleum.

“Give me life…even a painful life, I don’t care…just let me live…there’s so much still to be done.”

Watching the president’s sudden pleas for the miraculous mercies of a God he ignored until the Reaper came knocking – as so many of us undoubtedly do – I suddenly thought of Little Caesar’s groveling exit from this life in a dark, rain-drenched alley…..

Mother of Mercy. Is this the end of Rico?
(Little Caesar 1931)

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3 Responses to Coffin nails

  1. Boludo Tejano says:

    This talk of facing death reminds me of the sinking plane, parachute and backpack joke. Before there was an Internet, I have heard the joke told where the butt of the joke is a Texas Aggie [Texas A&M Univ], an Irishman, an Argentine, a blonde, and Li Peng [Tiananmen massacre].

    The pope, the president, the smartest man in the world, and a boy scout were all riding a plane when the pilot announced that they were going to crash and they only had 3 parachutes aside from the ones for himself and the stewardess. The 3 immediately stated their cases as to why they should get a parachute. The pope stood up “I am the leader of the largest religion in the world therefore I get a parachute!” and with that the pope grabs a parachute and jumps, then the president gets up and says “I am the leader of the most powerful nation in the world!” so the president grabs a parachute and jumps, finally the smartest man in the world stands up and says “I am the smartest man in the world!” So with that the boy scout is left by himself, he goes up to the pilot laughing as hard as anyone has ever laughed before, and the pilot inquires “How can you laugh in the face of certain death?” and the boy scout replied “I’m not laughing at death, I’m laughing because the smartest man in the world just jumped out of the plane with my backpack!”

    I wonder when and where the joke originated. I have heard the joke in different forms from a Peruvian, an Englishman, and a Chinese, among others. It is truly an international joke.


  2. Yankee Doddle says:

    The five stages of death:
    1. Denial
    2. Anger
    3. Bargaining
    4. Depression
    5. Acceptance
    Chavez sure sounded like he was trying to cut a deal with the Man upstairs today.


  3. Quite sad to think this revolution will be over because Chavez died and not because we as Venezuelans matured as a nation.


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