I see death around the corner

I see death around the corner, gotta stay high while I survive
In the city where the skinny niggas die
If they bury me, bury me as a G nigga, no need to worry
I expect retaliation in a hurry
I see death around the corner, any day
Trying to keep it together, no one lives forever anyway
Strugglin’ and strivin’, my destiny’s to die
Keep my finger on the trigger, no mercy in my eyes
In a ball of confusion, I think about my daddy
Madder than a motherfucker, they never shoulda had me
I guess I seen too many murders, the doctors can’t help me
Got me stressin’ with my pistol in my sheets, it ain’t healthy
Am I paranoid? – Tell me the truth
I’m out the window with my AK, ready to shoot
Ran out of endo and my mind can’t take the stress,
I’m out of breath
Make me wanna kill my damn self,
but I see death around the corner…

About Caracas Gringo

Representing less than 0.00000000001515152% of the world population as of 31 December 2011.
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2 Responses to I see death around the corner

  1. GWEH says:

    Did you catch Rafael Ramirez’ posturing last night during Chavez’ arrival. Or that’s what it seemed. What’s up with that? Something is going on.

    Caracas Gringo’s reply: I sure did. Ramirez and gang are terrified of what’s coming down on them before the 7 October election day. Ramirez, apres Chavez and assuming it’s not a ‘rojo rojito’ regime, very likely is going to be fored, arrested, jailed and prosecuted for theft and other crimes. Ramirez’s wife, his brother-in-law Baldo Sanso, and his mother-in-law Hildegaard Rondon de Sanso also very likely face arrest and prosecution for major corruption if they stay in Venezuela. Ramriez also has to worry about enemies within the revolution. Ramirez is despised by his peers inside the regime, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if extremists in the revolution like La Piedrita target Ramirez for popular justice. But with all the $ RAmirez and the SAnsos have stolen, maybe they’ll wind up living in a Park Avenue penthouse or running hotels in Cuba or Spain. One never knows.


    • Peter says:

      The world is a small place to hide, and a Robert Vesco exile on the beautiful Caribbean island run by the Castro brothers is no life for a rich man. The only problem I see is Venezuelans’ lack of enthusiasm for pursuing corrupt fugitives. If there was institutional resolve to investigate and prosecute these villains then no shelter would be found for them or their ill-gotten gains.

      Caracas Gringo reply: Institutions are mirrors of the underlying cultures that create the institutions. You are correct about the Venezuelan culture’s reluctance to pursue fugitives because, at day’s end, Venezuelan culture is responsible for creating Chavez. I think there’s a little bit of Hugo Chavez and his thieving Bolivarian revolution in all Venezuelans, including those who claim to despise Chavez. Venezuela’s population is very young. People here have no sense of history, even as recently as the 2002 violence, and before that the failed coup attempts of 1992 and the Caracazo of 1989. Many Venezuelans who today consider themselves part of the opposition bet on Chavez way back in 1998. A few examples: Gustavo and Ricardo Cisneros, Victor Vargas, Juan Carlos Escotet, and my departed friend Jorge Olavarria. Political examples abound as well: Teo Petkoff backed Chavez. Also, Ismael Garcia of Podemos, who divided the MAS back in 2001 as part of a personal power play, and then vigorously backed Chavez’s murderous tactics in April 2002, yet nowadays Ismael breaks bread with the MUD when, in fact he richly deserves to be prosecuted judicially for his active participation in the events of April 2002.


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