Bolivarian Auditions

Does it appear that these bozos are auditioning for the top dawg’s job?

Elias Jaua

Elias can’t make a speech without tripping over his own tongue, even when reading from a prepared script; but his Francisco Miranda Front is 6,000 strong, with about 3,000 seen as committed urban shooters – if it comes to that.

Diosdado Cabello

Cabello is all menace, intimidation and threats of violence. He has strong ties to the Army, but his Military Academy classmates all reached the highest rank of general this year.

Adan Chavez

Adan appears front-and-center at every press conference and public event held since cancer literally bit his little bro’ Hugo in the ass again a few weeks ago. Adan faithfully bangs the drum for his little bro’ Hugo, but his political ambitions are visible; after all, he is a Chavez, always true to Cuban-style Marxist revolution, and considering that the Bolivarian revolution is his brother’s (mostly plagiarized) creation, by rights Adan thinks that he ought to be the designated hitter if cancer strikes out little bro’

About Caracas Gringo

Representing less than 0.00000000001515152% of the world population as of 31 December 2011.
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1 Response to Bolivarian Auditions

  1. sapitosetty says:

    I keep thinking about the last scene of the movie Ghost Dog.


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