Friday Blues Jam

Dave Hole

Roy Rogers

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble


About Caracas Gringo

Representing less than 0.00000000001515152% of the world population as of 31 December 2011.
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2 Responses to Friday Blues Jam

  1. ramon says:

    Gringo……have you seen the post on faustas blog that the cuban military is mobilizing troops with the intent to send them to venezuela. Can this be true and could it be verified?

    Your thoughts.

    Caracas Gringo reply: Yes, I did read the post at Fausta’s Blog, which links to the original article at I believe that if mobilizations were under way in Cuba on the scale alluded to in the original article, it would be noticeable publicly. I’d wait to hear from Cuban bloggers and independent reporters before drawing any conclusions, but my gut tells me it’s a red herring. The real threat of violence is already in place in Venezuela through irregular groups like La Piedrita, Alexis Vive, the FBL, Tupamaros, Elias Jaua’s Francisco Miranda Front, Freddy Bernal’s bikers, etc.


  2. Bill says:



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