Hugo’s ‘Hara ga tatsu’

Hugo Chavez will return triumphant from Havana very soon, like a risen Lazarus or even a resurrected Jesus. The regime’s propagandists already are scripting the show.

Ideally, Chavez will hit the ground running in Caracas, looking and acting healthier, sounding more like the Hugo of yore, retaking the reins of his presidency decisively and in full presidential campaign mode. Ideally…

Chavez reportedly is in a very big hurry to return to Venezuela immediately, but physically he’s not ready yet.

New photos and video of Chavez in Havana were issued today by the regime, showing the president with his oldest daughters strolling outside the clinic where he is being treated. Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro also appears in the video clip; is he back in the president’s good graces again?

The photos and video were released to demonstrate how quickly Chavez is recovering.

Chavez wants everyone to believe that Chavez has his old mojo back, that Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary and Jose Gregorio Hernandez and all the saints and santero spirits came together to cure him of the cancer deep in the core of his hara.

But the video clearly shows a president who strolls slowly, even haltingly now and again, visibly stiff (sore), helped briefly by his two daughters, a vacant expression in his eyes….in sister morphine’s embrace, likely.

The location of Chavez’s cancer, its birthplace, is deep inside what the Japanese call hara – the center of vitality and also the place from where anger rises, viscerally.

To prolong his life, even perhaps bring about a miraculous cure, Chavez must be at peace within himself and with everyone else. But inner peace is not in the nature of Chavez.

Chavez is always and forever “hara ga tatsu,” viscerally enraged, hate-filled, paranoid and suspicious of everyone including those closest to him.

Bad “hara ga tatsu,” plus the initial misdiagnosis of his carcinoma, and the wrong treatment with the wrong mix of chemo combined with mega-doses of steroids, followed now by radiotherapy and possibly more chemo in the future… it doesn’t seem to add up to a good prognosis physically or politically.

But only time will tell whether Chavez makes it past 7 October 2012 on his feet and seemingly in good health, or whether he crashes before election day.

Meanwhile, the regime’s skull-breakers appear to be recalibrating their strategy in the aftermath of last Sunday’s incident in Cotiza where PSUV officials supplied weapons to some people who also were paid cash (about US$30 apiece at the going black market exchange rate) to fire the weapons at opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles Radonsky and a group of his supporters.

The PSUV officials who supplied the weapons and handed cash to the shooters have been identified. The shooters also have been identified. But no one has been arrested yet because the government says it wasn’t their fault; officially, Capriles provoked the incident by visiting Cotiza. But the general public, starting with a majority of Cotiza’s residents to judge by the local news reports, reject the official version.

The regime is already unrolling a propaganda blitz to show that it’s doing lots of cool stuff this year, like building power generation plants and tens of thousands of houses for the poor, developing new oil production capacity in the Orinoco oil belt, listing some of the stock of select Pdvsa business units and bonds on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; signing new loan deals with our emerging Chinese masters; the Bolivarian revolution is all about progress 24/7 and only Chavez can keep it that way.

It’s a Bolivarian love fest atop a revolutionary steamroller that will flatten the opposition and gloriously re-elect Supreme-leader-for-Life President Chavez to yet another six-year term.

But just in case there are any pro-democracy opposition pendejos out there who didn’t get the Good Word, the little lieutenant with the icy bue eyes, National assembly president Diosdado Cabello set the record straight at a PSUV event in Sucre state that was held to show the revolutionary people’s love and support for Chavez:

“Don’t believe in the right’s message of love, that message of love is filled with poison (…) they have a project of surrender (…) don’t play with this ‘pueblo’ and if you mess with this ‘pueblo’ you’re going to receive a forceful response (…) the bourgeoisie must receive the treatment that the bourgeois must receive, they do not love the ‘pueblo’ of Venezuela, they have deceived and stomped it.”

The message: Chavez will be re-elected, no matter what, and anyone who dares to challenge the president’s guaranteed re-election will be silenced swiftly, even decisively.

Separately, since the MUD’s 12 February presidential primaries Chavez and various regime thugs (e.g. Mario Silva) have warned that the “people” will never recognize or permit the opposition to assume the presidency.

Current Defense Minister Henry Rangel Silva is on record since long before his appointment to the Cabinet as stating that the armed forces are fiercely committed to Chavez and will never recognize any results adverse to Chavez.

Hint: We’re not leaving, never, and if you push the issue we’ll kill you if that’s what it takes. You’ll get what you deserve; we’ll hunt you down in your fancy homes and deal swift revolutionary “justice” (Silva made remarks along these lines in February on his hoedown-in-an-outhouse La Hojilla show).

The political violence will continue to escalate. There are just too many Bolivarian hard-cases running loose in the streets, armed and outfitted with motorcycles by the regime. Lawlessness is the law of the land. Even poor barrio residents nowadays have the option of contracting professional hit-men who work cheap to solve romantic and business entanglements; BsF500 or even less is more than enough to contract a hit in the barrios. Life is dirt-cheap in the Bolivarian Venezuela of 2012. These street thugs have a penchant for acting out on their own self-initiative, as Caracas residents have seen repeatedly with the likes of La Piedrita, Tupamaros, Alexis Vive, etc.

There’s also the professional criminal element that runs with the regime when it suits their self-interest. Latin America and the Caribbean have an ugly history of political leaders and parties that develop political affiliations with professional gangsters who bust caps for their politico allies, especially around election time. There’s a high risk of freelance political violence by some of these bad actors.


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4 Responses to Hugo’s ‘Hara ga tatsu’

  1. Kepler says:

    I agree with your predictions. The only thing: it can get much worse than the times of La Violencia in Colombia decades ago…unless we try new strategies to unmine the fields Chavistas have been preparing for so long. The problem is until now we thought this could be changed just by merely going to vote.


  2. ximena saizar says:

    Their are many people, praying for the virus to get stronger in the body of the “thing:, ..already the country has received more than it needs, in insecurity, corruption, lies, stealing, the seven riders of the apocalipsis are just litle dwarf, in comparison with the seven “things” that manage Venezuela…life has to change here, There was a time that everyone said that God was Vebezuelan, why did he move somewhere else, and left us with these “things”…what did we do wrong in order to deserve this calamity….


    • Roberto N says:

      What we did wrong to deserve this calamity was elect Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias in 1998. Granted that what we had before was a corruption filled, inefficient and disorganized country, but it at least acted like a democracy most of the time.

      Anybody who was paying attention to Chavez after he got out of jail could tell what was coming. Hell, I did and I’m nobody special, don’t have great “connections” and am no member of any “tribe”.

      So we only have ourselves to blame, Ximena, no one else. Once we start to accept and understand this, we can begin to build a worthwhile country.


  3. maru says:

    Pretty accurate…


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