Cuban doctors sealed Chavez’s fate

Dr. Jose Rafael Marquina’s prognosis of President Hugo Chavez’s future, if accurate, is very grim news for the Bolivarian revolution.

However, I know a very large number of people who couldn’t be more delighted, contrary to their public expressions sending Chavez best wishes for a swift recovery.

Dr. Marquina says that Chavez will be dead in less than a year because the Cuban surgeons who operated twice last June initially misdiagnosed the nature and location of the president’s tumor, then botched both surgeries.

“Complete disorder,” is how Dr. Marquina characterizes the medical treatment of Chavez by his Cuban doctors. “First they thought it was a colon cancer, then a bladder cancer…”

Cuban oncologists who controlled Chavez’s treatment then compounded the surgical butchery by applying “very high doses of the wrong chemotherapy,” inflicting irreparable harm on the president’s kidneys, liver and other vital organs, Dr. Marquina says.

Applying the wrong chemotherapy likely caused the tumor to “mutate,” making its proper treatment impossible.

The Cuban medical team that treated Chavez also pumped him so full of steroids during the past eight months that it neutralized any possible therapeutic value of the chemotherapy and actually triggered even faster growth and metastasis of his cancer.

The president’s cancer has progressed well beyond any possibility of a medical cure, and only a miracle could save him now.

But President Chavez still insisted on the third surgery that he underwent last week in Cuba against the advice of his Venezuelan medical team, Dr. Marquina adds.

President Chavez might appear reasonably healthy outwardly when he returns to Venezuela, but he’s a goner for sure, Dr. Marquina concludes.

Funny how in life what goes around always seems to come around.

Chavez embraced Cuban-style “Patria, Socialismo o Muerte,” surrendered Venezuela’s sovereignty, independence and freedom to Havana’s goons, distrusted Venezuela’s world-class surgeons and oncologists, and ultimately was killed by Cuban medical malpractice and incompetence.

The president’s family would have grounds for a major malpractice lawsuit in the United States, Brazil or even Venezuela.

But there’s no chance of a medical malpractice lawsuit against the Cuban doctors – unless possibly Fidel has them all tried and executed for assassinating Chavez.

Fidel and his alcoholic bro’ Raul have good reasons to worry that Chavez’s demise will quickly cost the Cuban revolution over $5 billion a year in Venezuelan subsidies plus all the cheap oil Havana can guzzle or re-sell at a profit that Pdvsa and the Venezuelan people certainly never see.

I’ll wager that Chavez will include in his will and testament a presidential decree ordering his entombment with full military honors in the mausoleum where Simon Bolivar’s remains are buried; that is, if he doesn’t order the construction of a bigger mausoleum than the Liberator’s.


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2 Responses to Cuban doctors sealed Chavez’s fate

  1. Omer says:

    Actually the line is: “payback’s a bitch!!” but I can’t remember which movie!!!

    Either way, he see himself disappearing like some sick David Copperfield trick…….

    But the real trick (this is the magicians distraction movement) is that being hatched in PDVSA, where they will place it in the Hong Kong exchange and privatize it as a farewell bonus to the crooks behind this (R. Ramirez et al?)


  2. The Cat says:

    Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?


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