Wikileaks and Pdvsa

Wikileaks so far has released only 1,446 of the 251,287 classified US State Department cables in its possession, or .005% of the total trove. El Pais of Spain, UK’s Guardian, NYTimes, Germany’s Spiegel and Le Monde of France continue to publish daily analyses of new cables. However, only 15 days after Wikileaks started to post the cable traffic, the slooooow drip… drip… drip already is tiresome.

It’s still a big story, but the world is wired, today’s scoops and breaking stories are tomorrow’s old news. Also, while the oldest cables date from 1966 (45 years ago), Wikileaks doesn’t have any cables after 28 February 2010, so the reality is that the cables are very “old” news anyway to anyone who follows global affairs regularly. If Wikileaks continues to post new material at its current glacial pace, many current readers probably will grow bored quickly.

A friend with direct ties to one of the above newspapers says that there are some still-unpublished cables from Venezuela that contain intelligence about Pdvsa, the financial hub of the Bolivarian revolution’s corruption. Let’s hope he is right.

Since over 2,000 of the cables originated from the US embassy in Caracas, there certainly should be more intelligence tidbits like the cable describing how senior Pdvsa and Energy Ministry officials confirmed, in exchange for US B1/B2 tourism visas, confirmed that Pdvsa routinely inflates its crude oil production and price data while its key operational assets are collapsing from over seven years of practically zero maintenance. And if Pdvsa’s production, price and – of course – revenue numbers are inflated, it’s certainly possible that the Central Bank’s foreign exchange reserves numbers are inflated too.

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1 Response to Wikileaks and Pdvsa

  1. It is interesting as to what we were missing. The news or old news is good news,since now we know what some people were up to.
    This leakage has more than one tyrant on edge, that is why Hugo wants censorship in the Internet like China and Cuba.

    Thanks for the info.



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