High Fives for Julian Assange

Julian Assange and Wikileaks are deserving of the world’s top investigative journalism awards and even bigger prizes like the Nobel, digo yo.

Instead, Assange has been remanded without bail to a cell in London where he awaits possible extradition to Sweden on charges that he raped two women by not wearing a condom while having consensual sex.


Former President Bill Clinton forever branded a specific act of human interaction as a “Lewinsky,” thus expanding an already very long list of descriptive words associated with this behavior.

Perhaps in the future not using condoms will be associated in the popular dictionary with Assange.

Meanwhile, in Washington some political leaders (or nutcases depending on the individual reader’s perspective) are baying for Assange’s head.

But it’s not clear if anyone in the bipartisan lynch mob up in DC actually has bothered to read the cable traffic posted to date by Wikileaks.

The Guardian UK is tracking the unfolding story in real time.

I’ve been reading the cable traffic as it appears, particularly the cables from Caracas, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Managua, Tegucigalpa and Mexico.

There are over 5,000 cables that originated from the US embassies in Bogota and Caracas.

Come on, Wikileaks! Post some cable traffic from Bogota.

However, if the true goal of Assange and crew at Wikileaks was to make the US look bad, evil, corrupt…that effort has failed miserably so far.

1,027 cables posted as I pen this post, and so far I haven’t found anything that confirms the crazy global left’s rants about the US being an Evil Empire.

Maybe Wikileaks has not started posting the real juicy material yet.

The drip, drip, drip posts are getting boring, but the site gets lots of hits… whatever.

Anyone who is reasonably well informed about global geopolitical and economic issues won’t find anything of a truly surprising or eye-opening nature in the cables posted through today.

It was abundantly clear already from open sources available to the reasonably informed and wired readers of this world that the planet’s leading dirt bags inhabit (rule) in places like Tehran, Islamabad, Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang, Damascus, Havana, Caracas, Minsk, Managua and other assorted capitals.

The cable listing all the global infrastructure/assets seen as vital to US national security is interesting potentially to private investors looking for profitable stock buys (if any) and terrorists hunting for targets.

But Venezuela’s crude oil and gas reserves weren’t on the list. Of course, this won’t discourage Hugo Chavez from bleating that the US is planning to invade Venezuela and steal the oil and gas reserves that Chavez already has given away to China.

The cables show that US foreign policy isn’t as two-faced as the crazy global left charges. Naïve? Yes. But there’s no evidence of a massive US conspiracy against the rest of the world.

However, some cables like the one by US Ambassador Hugo Llorens in Tegucigalpa do reveal personal diplomatic biases against legitimate sovereign democratic events that some US diplomats either do not comprehend, or willfully refuse to recognize as legitimate.

The traffic from Managua confirms the long-known fact that Daniel Ortega and his FSLN cronies are corrupt criminals.

The traffic from Brasilia shows Lula and crew performing as permanent hear/see/speak no evil apologists for the worst excesses of the Chavez regime, even as the Brazilian government sought to horse trade with the US over Tucanos vs Brazilian support for Sumate.

Yep, Brazil’s federal police also has busted some bad al Qaeda terrorists, but that’s probably no comfort to many Venezuelans who may feel betrayed by Brasilia’s persistent lack of democratic solidarity over the past 12 years.

The leaked State Department cable traffic shows that US government Internet and information security protocols function like a sieve. It is amateur hour at Foggy Bottom, but why should Assange be hung for the security deficiencies at State?

Message to Julian: Go the full Monty.

Release the password to the insurance file so that the entire trove of State Department cables can be published at once.

The ruling elites appear to have made the decision to crush you anyway, so you have nothing to lose.


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One Response to High Fives for Julian Assange

  1. wycards says:

    Well, if the cables didn’t show what kind of “democracy” the US is, at least according to you, then their current acts sure DO.
    How dishonest and criminal of the Obama administration, and of all of the countries that’re bending over to their wishes, to so openly work to shut up Assange. Blocking the site to Americans, threathing university students and government staff! Wow, only to be compared with China or even Chavez.

    All people in power have been attacked. All of them because they all collaborate with the US or else do very dirty business to remain in power. They are all trying to hide the truth from the general public. This is a crime and we’ve got to stand against it!


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