No Pasaran!

President Hugo Chavez and his communist thugs have drawn the line. Their message to the opposition is “Ye shall not pass.”

From Chavez and Marxist hardliners like Elias Jaua, Aristobulo Isturiz, Cilia Flores, Freddy Bernal, Iris Varela, Rafael Ramirez, Diosdado Cabello, etc. the message is that the new National Assembly will not change any legislation that the current assembly already has approved and what it still plans to approve before 15 December 2010.

The hardliners also want to enact a law giving President Chavez special powers to legislate by presidential decree for the rest of his current term in Miraflores. The new National Assembly would not have sufficient votes to suspend those powers.

Nelson Bocaranda says that Fidel Castro is urging Chavez to accelerate the Bolivarian revolution; in effect, to use Venezuela’s democratic institutions to finish killing democracy before the new assembly starts.

Fidel warned this week that the United States wants to steal Venezuela’s oil resources – the same resources that Cuba currently receives from Chavez essentially for free, and which Chavez also has pledged to fuel China’s economic development for the coming century instead of gringo SUV’s.

The regime’s hardliners also have dismissed any possibility of dialogue, compromise or consensus-building in the new National Assembly that starts its sessions the first week of January 2011.

In fact, based on the flood of invective and threats coming from some of the Chavez’s worst thugs, the start of the new assembly’s sessions next January could be a real Bolivarian spectacle followed by permanent procedural abuses aimed at the opposition, and possibly even clashes between opposing deputies.

The regime’s hardliners are not well-disposed by temperament or culture to democratic niceties like negotiation and dialogue. Chavez’s idea of negotiation is “my way or the highway.”

“I am the state,” Chavez said on the record some months back to visiting Marxist scholars from Mexico. “There is no separation of powers in the Bolivarian state,” he added.

There is no constitutional or legal statute that can stop the current National Assembly from granting Chavez broad powers to continue doing whatever tickles his fancy until the end of his current term in the presidency.

Giving such special powers to Chavez might be morally unfair, politically unwise, and a slap to the “pueblo’s” face. But since when has Chavez cared about the democratic will of the majority?


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4 Responses to No Pasaran!

  1. Evo Morales says:

    What happened in Ecuador is a ‘show’ that Correa has created. I don’t think he is brave enough to open his shirt and asked his hijackers to shot him. Only one dead in a gun fight between the police and the army?! Chavez did it, Evo dit it, and now it was Correa’s turn, next… Cristina?


  2. Roy says:

    The events in Ecuador are going to have an effect in Venezuela. Chavez is going to feel vulnerable and will accelerate taking more control. The people who oppose him are going to associate Correa’s weakness with Chavez.

    I wouldn’t say it is a game changer, but it could accelerate the speed of events.


    • Mike E. says:

      What happened (or is happening?) in Ecuador may actually have been influenced by the Venezuelan election results, i.e. they realized that Chavez and gang are NOT invincible and yes it might now in turn come back to Venezuela, as the true democrats and anti-Cuba / anti-communist regime citizens are getting emboldened. And who knows, maybe it will spread to Bolivia and Nicaragua also. Interesting times ahead!


  3. Gold says:

    He doesn’t care about the will of the majority, but this time his base is extremely disgruntled. They actually feel the 26th as a serious and crushing defeat. I sense that they’ve had enough of the lying and the extreme polarisation. I just wonder how much longer they will hide behind the usual “The ‘bureaucrats’ are lying to the president”, and face up to the fact that all along they’ve been following a puppet manipulated by the cubans for castro’s benefit alone, and with complete, cruel and absolute disregard for the needs of the Venezuelan people.



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