Special Powers for Chavez?

Iris Varela says that the current National Assembly could approve a law granting President Hugo Chavez special powers (Ley Habilitante) if he requests them. A special powers law would allow Chavez to legislate by decree.

Chavez has been granted special powers to legislate by decree three times previously, in 1999, 2001 and 2007.

Constitutional lawyer Tulio Álvarez cautions that the current assembly could grant Chavez indefinite special powers – indefinite, meaning for the remainder of his current term.

The Bolivarian Constitution of 1999 does not set any limits on the scope and duration of any special powers granted by law to the president, he adds, explaining that Art. 203 says that legislators will define the scope and duration of any special powers.

The new National Assembly that sessions as of 5 January 2011 could remove/suspend any special powers granted to Chavez by the current assembly, but would require at least 99 votes to do so. However, the opposition does not have 99 votes in the new assembly.

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6 Responses to Special Powers for Chavez?

  1. island canuck says:

    Diliana remember that over 5 million people voted for his representatives &, apparently, are prepared to accept whatever he does.

    I don’t see the end anywhere in sight.


    • diliana says:

      Yes, but i was just talking about the final moment for “venezuelan democracy” as we know it till now. Im thinking Chavez is now being forced to finally let completely clear that THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY ANYMORE, in front of venezuelan ppl and in front of the world. i also can not see the light…even when the other 5 million ppl obviously dont wanna so.


  2. Gerry says:

    With all the powers of the executive I believe this president could at least have had the common sense to build a prison, complete with all the bells and whistles, for political prisoners.
    The building and maintenance of Cuba has cost at least a million times what a comfortable prison in Venezuela would cost. And there is no guarantee of a sentence to Cuba.
    BAD, BAD MANAGEMENT. Typical of this regime don’t you think?


  3. diliana says:

    yes, it is very depressing but at least we will be starting to see the cruel reality exactly as it is…without fake hopes and dreams of getting him out just with votes…the final hour to define the Venezuelan situation is coming, soon. I blame the people who doesnt have a position or the ones who having one stayed at home seeing how the country goes to hell, because i felt this was the last time to take Chavez unprevented in an electoral event, as he really belived he could win clean.


  4. concerned says:

    It is almost guaranteed that he will implement special powers using the spineless political prostitutes currently in the assembly before they exit. The limit to that power would be the life of his term. If he goes this route and abuses this power (more than normal), he can kiss any chance of 2012 re-election goodbye. As this last vote showed, his popularity is falling even within the usual chavista base. The only way for him to regain that lost support would be to play nice and actully fullfill some of his promises.

    If he goes completely crazy and tries to force his cuban hybrid philosophy against the majority in a last gasp effort, his term may not last until 2012.


  5. island canuck says:

    Welcome back to regular surfing.

    Both wordpress & ND are back on-line without the use of a proxy.

    Chavez will “denut” the AN before January & for all the crying & gnashing of teeth the oppos will be incapable of doing anything.

    It’s all very depressing


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