Operation Sodom

Operation Sodom was an aptly named beauty.

Colombian army and national police forces killed feared FARC leaders Mono Jojoy and Romana in a combined air/ground assault that also killed at least 20 other militants.

Colombia’s Brazilian-made Super Tucano aircraft rained at least 50 smart bombs on the clandestine camp where Mono Jojoy and the other FARC thugs were sleeping.

Why doesn’t President Hugo Chavez do the same thing to the FARC forces entrenched in Venezuelan territory?

Chavez has over $ 6 bn of mostly Russian-made weapons.

Chavez considers himself a great military commander and leader of soldiers.

Chavez is always threatening to unleash lethal military violence on his enemies, who are always unarmed.

Chavez knows precisely where the FARC’s forces are hiding in Venezuela. Over 1,500 FARC fighters, one-quarter of the FARC’s remaining operational forces, are hiding in Venezuela mainly in Zulia and Apure. Several FARC chieftains are in Venezuela too.

But Chavez takes no action because (a) the FARC are his longtime strategic allies, (b) his Bolivarian army is all parade-ground show and no tactical bite, (c) El Comandante no tiene cojones, or (d) all of the above.

Chavez threatened to start a war with Colombia in March 2008 when FARC’s No.2 chieftain Raul Reyes received his just desserts while sleeping at a militant base in northern Ecuador.

Chavez donned his custom-made Generalissimo’s uniform back then, and ordered “ten army battalions” and tanks to the border with Colombia.

But in the hours since Mono Jojoy was blown to bits, not a peep has been heard from Chavez, Telesur, VTV or any of the regime’s mouthpieces like Andres “Hyena” Izarra and Elias “Fidelito” Jaua.

Hugo’s silence is a bit surprising, but then again perhaps not.

Chavez might be waiting until after the 26 September National Assembly elections. Lots of Venezuelans already are convinced that their president is a communist despot who leads a gang of corrupt and incompetent thugs.

It wouldn’t be helpful to the PSUV’s cause if Chavez starts to spout idiocies about Mono Jojoy’s happy fate only hours before the polls open in Venezuela.

It’s also possible that Chavez may feel a bit of relief. If the Colombian army continues to kill more FARC chieftains, it could help Chavez distance himself from the militant group.

But if this is so – if Chavez indeed is looking for ways to run away from his longtime alliance with the FARC – it means that the FARC’s Ivan Marquez and other militant leaders in Venezuela are no longer welcome and more vulnerable.

But it’s unlikely that Chavez can extricate himself completely from his relationship with the FARC, and the potential liabilities that relationship implies for Chavez.

The Colombian troops and police that assaulted the FARC camp seized at least 20 computers and several dozen flash drives, according to news reports from Bogota.

If these reports are accurate, it could spell trouble for Chavez if the laptops yield more documentary evidence of the Chavez regime’s relations with the FARC.


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9 Responses to Operation Sodom

  1. Tambopaxi says:

    The other question out there is what will will the Santos government do with the rich lode of computers, hard drives, and flash drives that it seized? That they’ll use it to go after Cano and anyone else goes without saying. What they’ll find re: FARC presence/activities in Venezuela and its connections with the GOV is different; will the GOC keep quiet about this in the interests of improved dip/commercial relations with Venezuela, or will they use it to go after Chavez y cia in the OAS, etc.?


  2. Tambopaxi says:

    The Upside Down World blog has long piece on death of Mono Jojoy and its implications. Their take is that his death means little in the long term for the FARC. I disagree. They do note that U.S. support to the GOC/FAC and increasingly sophisticated technologies have had growing impact on the FARC. I agree with that…


  3. m_astera says:

    I can see why Hugo isn’t talking about it before the elections. I don’t get why the anti-Colombia anti-US Imperialism lefty news sites are not mentioning it. Still not a peep, another day later.

    And I wonder just what is on those captured computers and flash drives.


  4. Zandor says:

    50 smart bombs?

    It seems as though those bombs must not have been just all that smart.

    Generally one or two smart bombs are sufficient.

    By the way, it is good to have you back blasting away.


  5. RWG says:

    Its the election on Sunday. Chavez will talk about it on Tuesday.


  6. m_astera says:

    This is very strange. Not only have we not heard a peep from Chavez about this, but I just checked the major alternative news sites, whatreallyhappened.com, rense.com, sott.net, and globalresearch.ca, all of whom support Hugo unequivocally. Not a word, the story doesn’t exist. No outraged rants from James Petras or Stephen Lendman or Eva Golinger either. After the Ecuador raid they were all over the story immediately, every one of them. Either they are all scared shitless or someone has told them to shut up, or both. Exceedingly strange.


    • Roberto N says:

      Are we seeing some effect from the Santos – Chavez summit?

      Our fearless leader did say something last night about how no one should be gladdened by anyone’s death and expressing hope that Colombia leaves conflict behind. All ovey dovey and what not.


  7. Hugo Groening says:

    I reckon that Operation Sodom takes its name from the mythic OT city upon which God unleashed “Fire and Brimstone”. I suppose that’s what Jojoy’s camp dwellers must have experienced.

    I wonder who Operation Gomorrah has been reserved for.


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