One election forecast

Pluma Candente posts these projected results for Sunday’s elections, produced by Datos Interdat, which is not a polling company.


PSUV: 76
PPT: 7

Datos Interdat accurately forecast the results of the 2007 constitutional referendum and the 2008 municipal/gubernatorial elections.

If its projected outcome for Sunday’s elections is accurate, Venezuela’s political struggle will get very interesting as of 27 September.

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4 Responses to One election forecast

  1. Hugo Groening says:

    I’ve seen several forecasts that are -in my mind- somewhat optimistic. But I’d never seen anything as serendipitous as this one. Outright joyous.

    Welcome back, Gringo


  2. Icopancho says:

    Ojala y asi sea. Yo lo creo probable y posible. Pero…..
    esos votos del PPT mas el independiente se podrian convertir en: “La ultima Cocacola en el desierto”.


  3. Roberto N says:

    I wonder, should similar results ensue on Sunday, if the PPT will run back to Hugo’s skirts, or decide to try to be the hinge.

    Of course, if Chavez hits the gas, all bets are off.


  4. CuervoBlanco says:

    I trust PPT as much as I trust damaged ammunition. It just doesnt smell good.


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