Mono Jojoy goes down

“They say you mustn’t say nothing but good about the dead. He’s dead—good.”
– Moms Mabley


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Representing less than 0.00000000001515152% of the world population as of 31 December 2011.
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4 Responses to Mono Jojoy goes down

  1. Evo Morales says:

    The “Dirigente de los Cocaleros del Chapare” who claims to “SAVE THE MOTHER EARTH” and is destroying It with over 34,000 hectares of COCA plantations in Bolivia is NEXT, oops! that is me!!




  2. Roberto N says:

    Esos huesos de Bolivar tienen largo alcance!


  3. Gringo says:

    The news about Mono Jojoy good to hear. I was skeptical until I read the news report that 30 planes and 27 helicopters took part in the operation, and that the body was identified.

    The news said he was killed in La Macarena. A Colombian who was a family friend worked for the Peace Corps in Colombia until the Peace Corps got out in 1981. Over three decades ago he told me that Peace Corps volunteers were told in no uncertain terms to stay away from La Macarena, for fear of kidnapping etc. This must mean that La Macarena has been a stronghold of the FARC for quite a while.

    Maybe we are seeing the beginning of the end.


  4. GHENGHIS says:

    Colombians are cleaning up their back yard, and the Venezuelans on September 26 are going to take out the trash!


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