Every Vote Counts

In the spring of 1996, I witnessed a brief exchange of words between Senator Bob Dole and a US citizen.

I was waiting for a friend outside a government building in Washington, DC shortly before noon when Senator Dole exited the building and walked towards his sedan surrounded by several Secret Service agents.

En route to his sedan, Dole did what professional politicos always do, smiling and greeting everyone that crossed his path.

One of the persons that Dole greeted seized the opportunity to start complaining about something that the Republican-controlled Congress had done which had rubbed the complainant’s rhubarb the wrong way.

About 30 seconds into this person’s rant, Senator Dole interrupted with a three-word question: “Do you vote?”

Dole’s question visibly surprised the complainant, who sputtered, “Hell, no. I’m not even registered. It’s a waste of time.”

Senator Dole shot back, “If you don’t vote, your opinion doesn’t count and I am not interested in hearing it.”

Yes, there’s a message to this anecdote.

I argued yesterday that the outcome of the 26 September National Assembly elections is irrelevant because, win or lose, Hugo Chavez and his gangsters will continue to trample to death what’s left of Venezuela’s democracy.

I also believe that Chavez and gang will never concede any defeat, and will do whatever they have to – including mass murder – to remain in power indefinitely.

However, anyone who doesn’t VOTE in next Sunday’s legislative elections loses, de facto and by default, the right to complain about what Chavez plans to impose on Venezuela by any means including murder over the coming months and years.

This could be your last real opportunity to voice your opinion about Venezuela’s fate, and your future.

Every individual vote counts. Don’t throw away your vote by choosing to stay home on Sunday.

Chavez and gang certainly will cheat somehow. He already has in place the new communal governance institutions with himself as self-appointed CEO for life, just in case he loses the legislature. But nothing lasts forever.

Miracles do happen, quite often. For example, I know two people who have survived pancreatic cancer. One of them lives in Paris, and the other one wrote this blog post.


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5 Responses to Every Vote Counts

  1. Eduardo says:

    Glad to see you back throwing your best stuff. This piece was specially well written. Let´s do our part and hope for the best. I wll be traveling to Madrid to cast my vote, although it promises to be an ordeal. Cheers


  2. Roy says:


    Glad to see you back in the saddle, though I was a little disheartened by your pessimism.

    Being a non-citizen, I will not be voting. However, on Sunday, I will do my part, as follows:

    I will call every Venezuelan citizen that I have a contact for and urge (beg) them to vote. If they have already done so, I will ask them to get out their phone contact list and call everyone they know to do the same.

    I ask everyone reading this blog, Venezuelan AND Extranjero, who wants a brighter future in this country, to do the same.

    CG reply: I’m not a pessimist, Roy. I’m an optimist and a realist. It is what it is. One day at a time.


  3. Gerry says:

    The GREAT question has yet to be asked of the Venezuelan people.
    Are you better off now than you were four or five or one year ago?
    How are the Cubans? Are they better off? Even though they have benefitted from the money and heritage of hard working Venezuelans. Communism does not work according to “Fidel”. The road to capitalism has just started in Cuba, unlike Venezuela, with the dismissal of 500.000 government workers in that impoverished island. Perhaps the Fidels’ took most of the money?
    How are the Nicaraguans? Are they better off? Especially as they have benefitted from the money and heritage of hard working Venezuelans. – they seem to be better off than the Venezuelans. More housing, better electric service, better agriculture and bonuses for the government employees.
    How are the Bolivians? Are they better off? Even though they have benefitted from the money and heritage of hard working Venezuelans. – Helicopters?
    Etc., Etc., Etc., and many other countries. All this, as a Venezuelan grant, from the “Lord of the Ruin” – Chavez. The national assembly just complied – no discussion.
    A lot of children here do not even have bread crusts on their plates, assumining they even have plates, yet this Government gives away more than enough to fill the bread baskets of every family and fill the pot holes in the roads.
    The behavior is likened to the head of a family with a mistress, who gives all to the mistress while his family starves. However the wife is too stupid, proud or afraid to seek a divorce.
    Perhaps on the 26S most people will realize that things could have been better here in Venezuela, less inflation to say the least.
    Infrastructure, medical, water, electricity etc., and common decency.

    Why do the MUD not ask?????????????????????????????


  4. Evo Morales says:

    Reynaldo Armas says it: “No Hay Mal que Dure 100 Anhos, Ni Cuerpo que lo Resista”




  5. Ara says:

    Amen, or “so be it” for the non-churched among us.


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