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No Pasaran!

President Hugo Chavez and his communist thugs have drawn the line. Their message to the opposition is “Ye shall not pass.” From Chavez and Marxist hardliners like Elias Jaua, Aristobulo Isturiz, Cilia Flores, Freddy Bernal, Iris Varela, Rafael Ramirez, Diosdado … Continue reading

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Special Powers for Chavez?

Iris Varela says that the current National Assembly could approve a law granting President Hugo Chavez special powers (Ley Habilitante) if he requests them. A special powers law would allow Chavez to legislate by decree. Chavez has been granted special … Continue reading

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Chavez and Mono Jojoy

Mono Jojoy’s overdue but timely demise surely gives President Hugo Chavez much to think about. The association between Chavez and the FARC goes back at least 17 years. Chavez was very circumspect about his personal contacts with the FARC until … Continue reading

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Chavez and China

President Hugo Chavez visited Beijing in December 2004 to consolidate his strategic alliance with communist China. On Christmas Eve – 24 December – Chavez pledged in Beijing that Venezuela’s oil reserves would be available to fuel China’s economic development. Venezuela … Continue reading

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Communal Laws

The current National Assembly will approve several new laws before 15 December 2010, several PSUV legislators already have announced. President Hugo Chavez wants his new communal governance and communal economic institutions in place legally before the new National Assembly is … Continue reading

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The day after the elections

My friend’s prediction last week of what might constitute a successful outcome was on target. “The Chavez regime will claim victory if it retains two-thirds plus one of the seats in the new assembly,” he said, explaining that this “qualified … Continue reading

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Operation Sodom

Operation Sodom was an aptly named beauty. Colombian army and national police forces killed feared FARC leaders Mono Jojoy and Romana in a combined air/ground assault that also killed at least 20 other militants. Colombia’s Brazilian-made Super Tucano aircraft rained … Continue reading

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