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Venezuela: Run Away

Venezuela: Run Away is the headline of veteran Venezuela analyst Walter Molano’s latest report on Venezuela, posted at Nouriel Roubini’s site. Very emotional, for a financial analyst; some excerpts, condensed by this blogger: “…the situation in Venezuela is…quickly spiraling out … Continue reading

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State’s new vision for the Americas

It doesn’t seem to matter if the US administration is Republican or Democrat. Either way, Latin America gets the shaft. Republican administrations war against drug traffickers, terrorists and communists in the region. They pay lip service to trade expansion, but … Continue reading

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BCV’s FX System: Fumando una Lumpia

It’s a bit mindboggling to see such insane stupidity up close and in action. The Central Bank’s new band system made its debut with lower/upper bands of BsF. 4.2-5.4 per dollar. Brokerage companies are history, but banks will be allowed … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on Bolivarian Chaos

As a practical matter, the National Assembly elections on 26 September 2010 are irrelevant. Even if the political opposition manages to break President Hugo Chavez’s majority in the legislature, the new National Assembly will suffer the fate of Greater Caracas … Continue reading

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