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Are they crazy?

Yes… but they’re not stupid. So, why is President Hugo Chavez doing something so arguably stupid to Venezuela, and potentially to the stability of his regime? Chavez’s decision to shut down the parallel exchange market and concentrate all foreign exchange … Continue reading

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Two “Cuentos Cubanos”

# 1 Caracas Gringo’s wife and mother-in-law have been trying unsuccessfully for six months to transfer the property title of an apartment in eastern Caracas from wife to mom-in-law. It’s a simple, no-cash transaction in which title to the only … Continue reading

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Pdvsa, broke, leverages Citgo

Citgo Petroleum, Pdvsa’s wholly-owned US subsidiary, plans to issue $1.5b billion of new debt in June structured as senior secured notes due in 2017 and 2020. Citgo estimates that net proceeds will come to $1.45 billion after costs and fees … Continue reading

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