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Memorial Day

The last Monday of May (31 May in 2010) is Memorial Day, honoring all Americans who gave their lives in defense of their country. Semper Fi.

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Carlos the Jackal: No Chavez, No Revolution

President Hugo Chavez said on 27 May that 21st Century Socialism will tear down (“derribar”) the “three pillars of the capitalist system.” Chavez says that the three pillars his revolution aims to demolish are private banking, imports and land ownership. … Continue reading

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Diving into the heart of violence in Caracas

L’Express of Paris has published a series of excellent articles by award-winning French investigative journalist Delphine Saubaber: “Plongée au coeur de la violence à Caracas,” reinforced by the powerful images captured by Venezuelan photojournalist Juan Toro. Ms. Saubaber’s articles are … Continue reading

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GS on Venezuela: Bad to Worse

The performance of real activity deteriorated significantly since late 2008 as the decline in oil export revenue exposed brewing imbalances that had been contained by a wall of liquidity during 2003-08. Under the weight of years of interventionist policies, hopeless … Continue reading

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Sinking in a Sea of Socialist Felicity

It’s cool to be King President Hugo Chavez said during his weekly “Hello President” on 23 May that he plans to discuss soon with Italy’s ambassador to Venezuela “a special financing mechanism similar to what we now have with China.” … Continue reading

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Chavez scolds Citgo

President Hugo Chavez instructed his energy minister last night to schedule a meeting immediately with Citgo’s board of directors. During a televised “reunión de trabajo” with senior government officials at Miraflores Palace, Chavez said that Citgo is “not a gringo … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez, Abbott & Costello

How does a Bolivarian cabinet session chaired by President Hugo Chavez differ from an Abbott & Costello skit?

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