Hugo’s Treason

Rocío San Miguel, an attorney who heads the NGO Control Ciudadano para la Seguridad, la Defensa y la Fuerza Armada Nacional, says that President Hugo Chavez is committing treason against the homeland.

Ms. San Miguel says that the Venezuelan Penal Code defines five elements that, individually and certainly collectively, constitute the crime of Treason against the Homeland (Traicion a la Patria):

*Whoever attempts against the independence of the Republic.

*Whoever conspires to destroy the republican political model that constitutes the Nation.

*Whoever requests the intervention of a foreign nation in the internal political affairs of Venezuela.

*Whoever reveals political and military secrets concerning the security of Venezuela.

*Whoever hands over resources to a foreign nation that are used in ways that damage the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its republican institutions, its citizens and which serve to destabilize the social order.

Whoever commits any one of these five elements is committing treason against the nation.

Based on these five elements contained explicitly in the Venezuelan Penal Code, President Chavez certainly is committing treason.

Cuban government officials currently occupy senior positions in the armed forces, and the ministries of defense, and interior & justice. There are Cuban nationals in the Venezuelan national intelligence services, and the recently created national police.

Cubans today are calling the shots in all of the country’s national registries, in Seniat (taxes) and Onidex (national identity, passport and migration control), in Pdvsa, Corpoelec and CANTV.

Everywhere one looks within the Bolivarian regime, Cubans are running the show behind the scenes.

President Chavez since 2000 has been giving Cuba about $5 billion a year in oil and non-oil goods including cash – about $50 billion in Venezuelan resources that constitutionally and legally belong to the Venezuelan nation – meaning the Venezuelan people – has been given away by Chavez to the Castros.

Chavez also has given away hundreds of millions of dollars more to Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Iran.

PetroCaribe, arguably, also is illegal and unconstitutional, and it’s doubtful anyway that Venezuela ever will collect in full the billions that are owed by PetroCaribe’s financially threadbare beneficiaries.

The $28 billion in debt that the Chavez regime has contracted with China’s government also, arguably, is an illegally contracted debt.

Chavez also is forging ahead ruthlessly with an unconstitutional and illegal project to erase the democratic republican Venezuelan nation and replace it with a militarized socialist state with himself as president-in-perpetuity like his good friends the Castro brothers and Mugabe, among others.

Chavez’s project to erase the Venezuelan republican nation is so extreme that it contemplates doing away with existing territorial boundaries between states; imagine fewer states with new names.

Elected local (municipal) and regional (state) governments would disappear, replaced completely by new Bolivarian entities that would be controlled by a central commission which Chavez would chair.

The Supreme Court and the Attorney General of the Bolivarian Republic have done nothing whatsoever to stop President Chavez from committing treason against the nation. Au contraire, the Supremes and AG have supported and endorsed the president’s acts of treason.

The National Assembly also has kowtowed to all of the president’s treasonous acts.

Arguably, the current National Assembly, Supreme Court and AG are aiding and abetting ongoing acts of treason by the president; hence they, also, are committing treason.

What’s to be done? Right now, nothing can be done.

“I am the state,” Chavez boasts frequently, but not idly. Chavez’s popularity may be falling, and almost three-quarters of the populace do not trust the president. But he’s still in the driver’s seat and there’s no one out there – in the regime or the opposition – with sufficient traction to replace Chavez.

It’s tempting to hope that the armed forces of Venezuela might grow a pair and discharge their constitutional obligation to defend the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela against acts of national treason, especially when the chief traitor is the president of the republic.

But the armed forces never recovered from the twin failed military coups of 1992 in which Chavez was the key player. Moreover, after 11-plus years with Chavez as president, Venezuela’s armed forces have become an essentially quadriplegic institution without a brain.

The Army of Bolivar, the air force and navy, and the National Guard have become politicized, corrupted, weak institutions commanded mostly by inept generals who long ago sold out their honor and duty to the republic in exchange for their “soles” and corruptly acquired personal wealth.

Ms. San Miguel’s argument that President Chavez is committing treason is a powerful one. But with all of Venezuela’s institutions of governance in Chavez’s pocket, it’s very unlikely that Chavez will be brought to justice.

The Chavez regime has hated and feared Ms. San Miguel for years. But after this, it’s certain that she has risen to the top of President Chavez’s enemies list. No one should be surprised if Chavez orders her arrest and imprisonment on trumped-up charges facilitated by a corrupt AG and judiciary.

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3 Responses to Hugo’s Treason

  1. athena says:

    the venezuelan people have to find a way to do away with chavez if they are ever going to live again


  2. Gerry says:

    Doesn’t “conspiracy” enter into this equation?
    Treason and conspiracy to commit same.


  3. roca carr says:

    Chavez is a little like a sunburn, by the time you really feel it, it’s already too late to get rid of him


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