Iran’s paramilitary Qods troops in Venezuela

The Washington Times reports that Iran “is increasing its paramilitary Qods force operatives in Venezuela while covertly continuing supplies of weapons and explosives to Taliban and other insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to the Pentagon’s first report to Congress on Tehran’s military. The report on Iranian military power provides new details on the group known formally as the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF), the Islamist shock troops deployed around the world to advance Iranian interests. The unit is aligned with terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, North Africa and Latin America, and the report warns that U.S. forces are likely to battle the Iranian paramilitaries in the future.”

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9 Responses to Iran’s paramilitary Qods troops in Venezuela

  1. Antonio says:

    Intelligence sources from the Washington Times?? where does that leave then the statement from the SOCOM General Fraser when he actually contradicts all this information? somebody is messing up here!!! What´s the real truth??


  2. Roberto N says:

    So now SOCOM says there is no proof of military QODS forces in the region, but does acknowledge significant political and commercial interests in the area.

    What gives, CCSGRINGO? Was this a correction, or was this an attempt to let the air out of the balloon to avoid opening another front and concentrate resources on the nuclear front?


  3. edgard says:

    A general in the USA says that there is no military presence in Venezuela. So now who is right????


  4. NicaCat says:

    CG, I just want to reiterate what Frank said. I visit your site just about daily, and am missing your detailed and informative posts. Hope all is well with you. BTW, I like the new format!


  5. Gerry says:

    C.G. I like the new look.
    Keep up the good work.


  6. Bob says:

    Caracas Gringo,
    I too read your posts with vivid interest. They provide invaluable information and analysis about the Chavez regime.
    The Chavez link to Iranian state terrorists and other similar non-state groups (FARC, ETA etc.)is very troubling for Latin America and other regions. The sooner they are neutralized the better. The US military aid to Colombia is a good start.

    Keep safe. Bob


  7. Sun Tzu says:

    Maybe you should post orgininal content rather than quoting the Washington Times, a known neo-con propaganda site from the USA.

    A lot of what you have posted seems quite ridiculous, for example, the Iranian government is led by shiites, and the Taliban are sunni fundamentalists. If you were educated in the nuances of Islam, you would realize shiites from Iran would never arm sunni Taliban. We can therefore conclude that the US Pentagon is publishing garbage, the Washington Times publishes garbage, and you are quoting garbage.


  8. Frank says:

    Caracas Gringo, I visit your website every week but I missed your timely publications lately. I hope everything is okay with you. I thoroughly enjoy your articles and your style. I hope you can keep up the weekly frequency in the future. Frank


  9. RWG says:

    It is time for Venezuela to wake up and kick Chavez out. Chavez is not just aware of the Iranian forces in Venezuela but he is most certainly welcoming them and providing special entry and protection.

    I would hate for the Iranians to become Chavez’ enforcers to take out the opposition. But the Iranians will do what ever it takes to keep Chavez in power.


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