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Pdvsa: Big Plans, No Cash

Pdvsa auctioned two Orinoco joint venture projects in the Carabobo bidding round held on 28 January-10 February 2010, and since October 2009 has signed strategic agreements with Russian, Chinese and Italian oil companies to develop three more projects in the … Continue reading

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Bolivarian Coal Mine Canaries

Many hints that President Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian revolution are in trouble. Enough trouble to predict that the Bolivarian revolution will implode? That’s impossible to say with any hope of accuracy, given that internal conflict and turmoil always have … Continue reading

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Breaking Records in Homicides

Unofficially, 16,047 persons were murdered in Venezuelan during calendar year 2009, up over 8.4% or 1,247 murders when compared with the 14,800 homicides reported unofficially in 2008. In 1998, officially reported murders totaled only 4,500, says the Observatory of Violence, … Continue reading

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