Chavez’s “Plan”: Blame an Electric Coup

Jose Vicente Rangel, chief propagandist of President Hugo Chavez, has laid out the regime’s plan to explain the coming collapse of the national electricity sector.

The political opposition is “preparing an electric coup (that will be) more lethal than the petroleum coup seven years ago,” JVR says in Piedra de Tranca, a column he authors under the pseudonym Marciano.

The opposition also plans to assassinate President Chavez, he adds.

During the many years that JVR served Chavez first as foreign minister, then defense minister, and finally as Executive Vice President, he never failed to raise the specter of a “magnicide” at every Cabinet meeting in which he participated.

Over 20 former members of the Chavez regime’s Cabinet (over 100 have been ministers at one time or another) have told Caracas Gringo that at every Cabinet meeting in which these sources were present, JVR always warned Chavez of plots by the opposition, Colombian paramilitaries, the CIA, etc. to kill the president.

And Chavez, who by nature is fearful and paranoid, always took JVR’s warnings very seriously.

Now JVR is doing it again, but is linking his new warnings of presidential murder plots to an alleged plan to launch an electric coup. Of course, as always JVR’s warnings of conspiracies and coups come without any credible evidence to support his allegations.

JVR says in today’s Piedra de Tranca column that an old friend, and apparently a former guerrilla, asked JVR “what’s up” at a recent social gathering.

“Something fat is moving,” JVR replied, and then “le eché el cuento” which, of course, he doesn’t share with the column’s readers.

But JVR says that the “empire” (i.e. USA) and the “opposition” are “desperate” because they know the regime will be victorious in September’s National Assembly elections. The opposition “knows it is going directly to the slaughterhouse,” he adds.

Thus, the only possible option is “magnicide” – to clip the president – even though this implies a “leap into the void” for Venezuela.

But the CIA can’t do it because it’s “too burned,” so an alternative intelligence agency has already been chosen. Colombia’s DAS? Israel’s Mossad? UK’s MI-6 (“the name is Bond…James Bond”)?

However, the “conditions” to clip Chavez must be perfect, and this means there must be more instability and social conflict. How to create these conditions?

Sabotage the electric sector, create more chaos, plunge Venezuela into the dark by destroying the national power grid, Marciano concludes.

JVR’s column today is an explicit official admission that the Chavez regime knows its elaborate dog-and-pony show proclaiming effective “conservation measures” and major new power investments that will end the power crisis by next May amount to zilch.

The lights will go out in Venezuela, for a long time. The power crisis will persist well beyond the 2012 presidential elections even if it rains biblically every day during the coming year.

And Venezuela’s structural power crisis will not be the fault of the Chavez regime, but instead will be the result of sabotage by a disarticulated “opposition” without any resources or leaders which nonetheless never tires of conspiring with the feckless CIA, according to JVR.


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4 Responses to Chavez’s “Plan”: Blame an Electric Coup

  1. BOB says:

    CG Narciano uses his articles to project his own shortcomings . But now he leaves a sense of concern that his government might be finally nearing its useful life.
    He writes using reverse text. Mirror the sentences and you get the real meanining of it all.


  2. Gerry says:

    Perhaps JVR has an insight or an auditory confirmation that the ‘Cubans’ have completed their ‘mining’ of the ‘bunker’ in Miraflores .
    I would suspect that Chavez is becoming more and more paranoid about spending time there “as he should”. He knows the phone call from the cell phone attached to Fidel’s pacemaker or whatever, when it stops, will cause all sorts of problems in that space.
    Any how – back to reality!
    It has been known for many years that when a society’ expectations and their realities meet there is harmony, and if these differ, then we have a big problem.
    The case in Venezuela is very special. Realities and expectations do not meet. What we have here is that realities do in fact exceed expectations. Venezuelan people are very expert in most endeavors and don’t need outside “experts” to tell them what is obvious and/or how to make it happen.
    We have a “looser” government.
    I include the first verse of a Robert Burns poem. ‘The crimson-tipped flower’ is Venezuela.
    The crusher is “indifference”.
    Wee, modest, crimson-tipped flow’r,
    Thou’s met me in an evil hour;
    For I maun crush amang the stoure
    Thy slender stem:
    To spare thee now is past my pow’r,
    Thou bonie gem.
    Small, modest, crimson-tipped flower,
    You have met me in an evil hour;
    For I must crush among the dust
    Your slender stem:
    To spare you now is past my power,
    You lovely gem.


  3. Gringo says:

    Chavez is simply reaching into the lefty playbook.”Sabotage” was a Stalinist explanation for disappointing agricultural or industrial production. Apologists for Allende blamed “sabotage” for such economic problems as a 25% fall in agricultural production, ignoring that armed confiscation of farms and price controls coupled with hyperinflation do not encourage farmers to produce.

    Perhaps the CIA had planted a transistor in Thugo’s brain, causing him to stop the planned investments in the electrical system.


  4. Neil says:

    José Vicente always blames “the opposition” (or in this case foreign intelligence services) for plots which the government itself, or sinister groups operating in the government’s shadow, have executed or plan on executing.

    Witness the “paracachitos” farce of 3-4 years ago, where a group of hapless day workers were recruited in Colombia, dressed in fatigues, and bussed to Chavez critic Robert Alonso’s Finca Daktari an hour or so outside of Caracas, where they were to be assassinated and then shown to the world as an example of a Colombian paramilitary mission to assassinate Chávez. The operation was a fiasco, because it was discovered by local police and fizzled before it even began.

    I’m sure José Vicente had a hand in it, just as he had a hand in murdering Danilo Anderson.

    Whenever I hear JVR aka Marciano go off on these dark conspiracies I worry, because he’s an old hand at false flag operations, and if he warns that the opposition is planning to sabotage the electrical sector, he’s essentially giving the government or its paramilitary goons carte blanche to round up “dissidents” when the lights go out.

    What a terminally fucked up country. And the old saying Last one out turn off the lights doesn’t even apply here anymore, because the lights are already winking out on their own.


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