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Chavez’s “Plan”: Blame an Electric Coup

Jose Vicente Rangel, chief propagandist of President Hugo Chavez, has laid out the regime’s plan to explain the coming collapse of the national electricity sector. The political opposition is “preparing an electric coup (that will be) more lethal than the … Continue reading

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Daffy Chavez eyes freefall without a parachute

“We know what we are doing,” President Hugo Chavez declared during a nationally televised broadcast on 2 March. “There is a government here…we learn from our problems.” Chavez made these remarks during another longwinded gobbledygook explanation of why Venezuela’s power … Continue reading

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A Warning for Washington

The political and financial elites gumming up the works in Washington, D.C. would be well advised to start paying closer attention to what is happening out in the American homeland far removed from Wonderland on the Potomac. It doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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