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Venezuela has crossed the rubicon from democracy to totalitarianism. President Hugo Chavez has criminalized opinions. Thoughtcrime finally has become reality. Former Zulia Governor Oswaldo Alvarez Paz, a very senior figure in the Christian Democrat Copei party and an elder statesman … Continue reading

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Shell’s dim view of Venezuela

Royal Dutch Shell’s Chief Financial Officer Simon Henry told reporters on the sidelines of a press conference in London this week that international oil majors have mostly lost interest in investing in Venezuela. “They are desperately inviting people back in, … Continue reading

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Southcom, Hugo Chavez and Ana Belen Montes

A curious thing happened in Washington, D.C. last week. The shadow of Ana Belen Montes appears to have made a brief appearance on Capitol Hill, but perhaps it was only a reflection from the windshield of a passing car. On … Continue reading

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The Revolution’s Power Crisis

Watching President Hugo Chavez “manage” Venezuela’s electricity supply crisis reminds Caracas Gringo of King Arthur’s battle with the Black Knight in Monty’s Python’s Holy Grail. Denial, denial, denial until, finally, a Black Knight left without arms, legs and severed at … Continue reading

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Pdvsa: Big Plans, No Cash

Pdvsa auctioned two Orinoco joint venture projects in the Carabobo bidding round held on 28 January-10 February 2010, and since October 2009 has signed strategic agreements with Russian, Chinese and Italian oil companies to develop three more projects in the … Continue reading

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Bolivarian Coal Mine Canaries

Many hints that President Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian revolution are in trouble. Enough trouble to predict that the Bolivarian revolution will implode? That’s impossible to say with any hope of accuracy, given that internal conflict and turmoil always have … Continue reading

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Breaking Records in Homicides

Unofficially, 16,047 persons were murdered in Venezuelan during calendar year 2009, up over 8.4% or 1,247 murders when compared with the 14,800 homicides reported unofficially in 2008. In 1998, officially reported murders totaled only 4,500, says the Observatory of Violence, … Continue reading

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Velasco’s criminal indictment won’t go away (Updated)

Everyone is demanding respect and accountability since Spanish penal Judge Eloy Velasco issued a 26-page indictment charging 13 alleged FARC and ETA members with cooperating in the training, planning and execution of terrorist actions in Colombia and Spain. The indictment … Continue reading

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Chavez defiant, Moratinos apologetic

President Hugo Chavez declared defiantly during yet another of his interminable nationally televised rants that he doesn’t owe anyone in the world any explanations about anything. Chavez was reacting to reports from Spain that the government of Prime Minister Jose … Continue reading

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Chavez’s “Plan”: Blame an Electric Coup

Jose Vicente Rangel, chief propagandist of President Hugo Chavez, has laid out the regime’s plan to explain the coming collapse of the national electricity sector. The political opposition is “preparing an electric coup (that will be) more lethal than the … Continue reading

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