Where are the AK-103 Assault Rifles?

President Hugo Chavez purchased 100,000 Russian-made AK-103/104 assault rifles in 2006. These weapons, which are capable of blasting cement cinder blocks to sand and pebbles at distances of up to 1,000 meters, were transported to Venezuela by sea in several shipments.

The first shipment to arrive in Venezuela totaled approximately 30,000 assault weapons that were unloaded at the Port of La Guaira under the direct supervision of Venezuelan Army and National Guard officers.

However, by the time that first shipment “cleared” customs at least 3,000 AK-103/104’s had disappeared. Where are those missing assault rifles today?

Caracas Gringo’s sources in the Bolivarian military establishment claim that the Chavez regime secretly supplied thousands of Russian assault rifles to radical groups like the Tupamaros, Carapaicas, etc.

During the 11-plus years that Chavez has been in power, these radical groups reportedly have recruited and trained thousands of new members who have been positioned strategically in clandestine cells across the Greater Caracas Area, and in other cities throughout the country including Merida, Valencia, Barinas, San Carlos, Puerto La Cruz/Barcelona, Maracaibo, etc.

But the largest concentrations of clandestine militants remain in Caracas, which Chavez is determined to hold at any cost if there is ever a popular uprising against his criminal Bolivarian regime.

Last year, Public Works and Housing Minister Diosdado Cabello publicly announced plans to build dozens of new housing developments throughout Caracas where members of the Bolivarian civilian militia and their families would live.

At least one of these Bolivarian fire bases – for that is what they are – is located in Chacao, specifically in the popular market that was expropriated over a year ago.

A second Bolivarian fire base reportedly would be located near the Santa Fe urbanization next to the highway that leads to Prados del Este/La Trinidad/ El Hatillo.

There are also Tupamaros deployed in various parts of the Petare mega-slum at the eastern edge of Caracas.

Meanwhile, Colombian news media, citing Colombian military intelligence sources, reported recently that Venezuelan urban militant groups aligned ideologically and tactically with the Chavez regime have direct ties to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), which operate in Venezuela with the Chavez regime’s official support. FARC members with experience in urban guerrilla conflict reportedly have been training Tupamaros, Carapaicas and other criminal militant groups since at least 2002.

Given very recent threats by Chavez that he will “erase” his opponents at the slightest provocation, and columns by Marciano (aka Jose Vicente Rangel) saying that the time is nigh for a 21st Century Bolivarian repetition of the mass slaughter perpetrated in Venezuela’s 19th Century civil conflicts by the sociopath Boves, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine “rivers of blood” in the streets of Venezuelan cities.

See the AK-103 assault rifle in action


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7 Responses to Where are the AK-103 Assault Rifles?

  1. jsw says:

    What happened to the factory that was supposedly being built to produce the AK’s? Impossible to believe it become operational,but it doesnt take a whole lot to build them so maybe even these bozos have it going.


  2. Ahi viene el Lobo says:

    Hope I am just paranoid, but how deep goes the rabbit hole.
    Chavez is a military man(guerrilla ideals).

    Could Chavez be planning “la hora cero”, and taking over whats left of Venezuela’s supposed democracy. Pushing for a civil war? I have no education on war tactics, but wouldn´t an electrical blackout help him push a violent control over the country? Could it be, that he has been letting the electrical situation happen on purpose? How far does his insanity go? His future outcome even in controlled elections don´t look to good. Is he preparing for a final violent control, now that his flute is coming out of tune?

    I know it seems delusional, but history is riddled with lunacy. The only thing that shows me some hope, are the opinions that Chavez has a personality where he backs down down to violence(April 12, 2001). How thick has his skin grown?

    And still he is a guerrilla soldier, he doesn´t believe in civil powers, they only believe in power alone, and the last straw of greed in history, is physical control.

    Excuse my redundant question´s, but whats the deal regarding electrical blackouts as a war tactic for civilian control. It seems to have many tactical advantages, like spreading fear, disrupting communications, and legitimizing a state of exception.

    Please enlighten me or share some conceptual Valium, Thank you!


    • CuervoBlanco says:

      No power = social chaos = incredibly weakens any command structure in any country. Services, communications and such.

      For example, Guri is “strategically protected” with AA missile batteries because if any invading country would like to invade us and make us an enormous deal of harm, strategically important assets like hidropower plants would be the first to be targeted to criple response capacity and lull people into chaos.

      But as things are going, Chavez already screwed them all.


  3. Roy says:

    The recent expropriations of buildings overlooking Plaza Bolivar are probably to provide a good fire base to use against protesters if they try to use the plaza for an assembly point.


  4. CuervoBlanco says:

    Ive seen the little base at Santa Fe and effectively its a small military base. Two campaing tents, perimetral fencing, floodlights and barbed wire, and other small facilites and stuff. In effect, a little firebase.

    Lets not be unprepared for whats comming.


  5. Martin says:

    This is a very alarming report, which, taken together with the last one concerning the Cubans, seriously escalates the possibility of sizable amounts of blood being spilled in Venezuela in the near future. Because along with this is the undeniable fact that the regime is in a state of crisis on several fronts, and not all that far away from total collapse. Simultaneously Chavez’s own mental (in)stability and (in)sanity seems to have been taking a sharp spiral in the wrong direction in recent months.


    • Hugo Groening says:

      Last night while in “cadena” about the electricity crisis, he did not look in full control. He twitched more often than normal and his body was conveying something different from what he was saying. Also, he erred often while talking about the specific aspects of the decree. He didn’t look confortable.


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