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In Memory of Orlando Zapata Tamayo

Orlando Zapata Tamayo, 42, a plumber and bricklayer declared a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International, died on 23 February 2010 in Havana’s Hermanos Ameijeras hospital after an 82-day hunger strike to protest frequent beatings by Cuban guards at the … Continue reading

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Evil Old Twins: Teo and JVR

Teodoro Petkoff editorializes in today’s Tal Cual that President Hugo Chavez has “copied and considerably worsened” the economic model that caused the Caracazo 21 years ago on 27 February 1989. However, this claim is demonstrably false. There are absolutely no … Continue reading

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Democracy and Human Rights in Venezuela

This report, issued in December 2009 by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) of the Organization of American States (download the English and Spanish versions), is a harsh indictment of the systematic, willful and deliberate abuses of human and … Continue reading

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NK Profeta: Sr. Presidente – A Message to Chavez

Very cool, and timely Venezuelan hip hop. NK Profeta’s Sr. Presidente. A message to Hugo Chavez. Listen to it, and forward it to your friends.

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Bolivarian Electoral Chess

Insanity, Albert Einstein is said to have written in Letters to Solovine, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Teodoro Petkoff writes in today’s Tal Cual that the Mesa Democrática Unitaria (the latest incarnation of … Continue reading

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The Cubans are Spooked

Some Cubans on official missions in Venezuela are spooked – especially the Cubans deployed here on military, intelligence and other security-related activities. Moreover, the Cubans in Venezuela have good reasons to be worried because they are potentially very deep inside … Continue reading

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Moving Deck Chairs on the Titanic

President Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian Bozos are determinedly moving the deck chairs on the Titanic to create the illusion that the regime can reverse the collapse of the national power grid and keep the foundering revolution afloat. Chavez issued … Continue reading

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