Blameless Bolivarian Revolution

New Electric Energy Minister Ali Rodriguez Araque, aka “Comandante Fausto” and longtime henchman of the Castro brothers, has unveiled the Bolivarian regime’s “plans” for managing the national power crisis: Blame the political opposition.

Rodriguez Araque, who has been the electric energy minister since 15 January 2010, announced after the first ten days in his new post that the regime of President Hugo Chavez is moving decisively to contain the national power crisis. Fausto says:

“This is a problem that we can resolve.” [CG’s translation: The regime is clueless.]

“The government will invest $14 billion from 2010 to end-2015 to add 14,000 MW of power generation capacity to the national grid, including $4 billion 2010 to add about 4,000 MW of generation capacity to the grid.” [CG’s translation: The revolution has big plans as always, but no cash or human capacity to execute anything of substance; heck, even the much-ballyhooed ‘Arepera Socialista’ already foundered on the shoals of Bolivarian ineptitude.]

“The process continues of recovering and evaluating generation plants with the objective of making significant contributions to the national electrical system.” [CG’s translation: The regime doesn’t even know where to start fixing the problem it created.]

“The government is studying the design of a new conformation of the entire national electrical system in order to resolve existing problems and provide a response to the problems that have been presenting themselves.” [CG’s translation: The regime plans to move the deck chairs to new positions on its sinking Bolivarian revolution.]

“The electricity savings campaign must continue…waste must be done away with…all sectors adverse to the government should join these (savings) efforts.” [CG’s translation: The regime will turn out the lights nationally, no matter what.]

“If the opposition’s counter-campaign against electricity savings is successful, iy would be a national disaster.” [CG’s translation: Since the regime’s power plans are doomed to fail, it’s never too early to set up the opposition for a political lynching.]

“If that is what the opposition wants, it should say so clearly to the people.” [CG’s translation: The power crisis is everyone’s fault but the Chavez regime’s.]

“Details of a rationing plan for Caracas are being fine-tuned for the plan’s application.” [CG’s translation: The regime is looking for a way to ration power in the greater Caracas area without further enraging the poor millions living in the barrios; good luck.]

It’s clear where ARA is trying to shift the public opinion matrix: (a) the power crisis is fixable, (b) the government will fix it with massive new investments, (c) but meanwhile everyone must save energy, and (d) if the government fails to end the power crisis it’s the fault of the political opposition, which is seeking national disaster for Venezuela.

However, reading between the lines of ARA’s Bolivarian BS, the real message is: (a) the power crisis cannot be contained, (b) the regime hopes to spend billions more if it can find the cash, but don’t bank on anything being commissioned on schedule, (c) compulsory power rationing nationally will continue indefinitely, and likely will be expanded very soon, (d) the 6 million-plus residents of Caracas must learn to live increasingly in the dark, and (e) when it hits the fan, the regime will blame the political opposition.

Venezuelans have nothing to gain by “cooperating” with the regime’s power conservation plans. These will fail anyway, and extended power outages will disrupt Venezuela months ahead of September’s legislative elections. The regime will expand the rationing program soon, likely to daily rolling outages lasting over four hours.

As things stand now, the four-hour rolling outages every second day translate, de facto, into outages of 6-8 hours because (a) Corpoelec’s subsidiaries are incapable of doing anything by a strict schedule, and (b) it takes some time for manufacturers to power down and then power up again. Factories don’t spring to 100% production at the flick of a wall switch.

Even worse, the rolling power outages have not prevented continued daily outages due to equipment malfunctions – a problem which has plagued the interior of Venezuela since 2005 at least, with an average of 300 major outages per year (100 MW-plus per outage) for the last five years in a row.

But the blameless Bolivarian revolution has a plan ready to explain its failure to fix the power crisis before the lights go out: Blame the opposition!


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5 Responses to Blameless Bolivarian Revolution

  1. CuervoBlanco says:

    In the old Venezuela, the Mantuano ladies had by their sides little black/mestizo children called “pagapeos” (fart-goats) which where blamed,hit and reprimended whenever their fat Mantuano lady master ripped a huge fart under her dress, acting like if it was the little children who dropped the gas.

    Chavez and his mafia do exactly the same on the opposition. Whenever their government drops a load rather tan farting, opposition gets a dose.


  2. vivalargo says:

    Gringo wrote: “(a) Corpoelec’s subsidiaries are incapable of doing anything by a strict schedule. . .”

    If your very life depended on saying why the above is true (it is entirely verdad), what might you say?


  3. Mamarracho says:

    A colleague at work says the resignation of Carrizales and his wife has to do with plans to give some Cuban military full status within the Venezuelan armed forces. Things are getting more and more interesting.


  4. SOB says:

    Gringo, what do you make of Mr Carrizale´s and wife resignations? Are the monkeys finally scattering? Power struggles, increasing dissension within the government ranks?RCTV first ripple effects?


  5. Charly says:

    Incompetent technically, economically? Definitely! However, politically they are very competent cause there are so many dumb voters out there who will believe their woes are caused by the oppo. Is it Churchill who said something like a 5 minutes talk with the average voter would definitively convince you against democracy?


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