President Hugo Chavez: Sack of Lies

President Hugo Chavez is a desperate liar trapped in a maze of his own manufacture.

Chavez faces a crisis from which he cannot extricate himself. But credit him for pulling out all the stops. Since Venezuela’s national power crisis finally exploded on 12 January, Chavez has been on a tear:

*The US caused the earthquake in Haiti with a secret weapon and now is occupying Haiti militarily under the guise of providing humanitarian aid, says Chavez.

*Military and civilian foes of the regime are again conspiring actively to topple Chavez violently, says Chavez propagandist and disinformation wizard Jose Vicente Rangel (aka Grima Wormtongue). Three generals are being held under arrest at DGIM (military intelligence) headquarters. True or false, no one can say.

*The wussie (“culilludo”) opposition doesn’t have the stones or heart to call a new presidential recall referendum, says Chavez, adding, go ahead, I dare you to try again.

*The “Exito” megastore chain in Colombia, owned by the Casino Group of France, was expropriated without cause or legal basis. Hundreds of Exito workers tried to protest at several stores and were swiftly repressed with violence by the Bolivarian National Guard and other armed regime thugs.

*The power crisis is a small problem, not a crisis. It was caused by El Nino and the squalid former rulers who vanished from power over 11 years ago, after never making investments in new power infrastructure. The CIA is coordinating the oppo disinformation campaign that seeks to blame the Bolivarian revolution (i.e. Chavez) for the power crisis, according to Chavez.

“With rationing we’re preventing Venezuela from staying in the dark,” Chavez told Pdvsa workers on 20 January. “The squalid opposition is trying to confuse the people…make it appear it’s our fault…they want Chavez to be alone and weakened so they can finish off Chavez…but if anyone is to blame for the electric crisis it is the ‘escualidos’ who governed for 50 years and did not do anything so that the country would have adequate structures for the electrical topic.”

President Hugo Chavez is a “lying sack of shit.”

(The Urban Dictionary defines a person who is a “lying sack of shit” as:

“n. (metaphorical, yet, often simultaneously literal) one who habitually and effortlessly utters falsehoods in a most blatant and profane manner, all the while maintaining a lackadaisical appearance of ingenuousness; despite, or perhaps, due to the fact that their entire corporeal membrane is filled to bursting with an inexhaustible supply of foul, though nitrogen-rich fecal mendacities waiting to be excreted into their victims’ ears.”

Coincidentally, as President Chavez spews his desperate lies in every direction, a group of veteran Edelca professionals and workers calling itself the “Comité de Vigilancia de EDELCA, perteneciente al COMITÉ DE PROFESIONALES Y TÉCNICOS DE EDELCA,” issued a lengthy communiqué that confirms President Chavez is a sack of lies.

Regretfully, at post time we didn’t have a functional link yet to this document. But here are some of the key points in the communiqué:

*Venezuela is immersed in a power crisis from which it probably will not emerge for several years. [Anticipate at least another three years of daily power outages due to equipment failures and rationing.]

*The power crisis was not caused by El Nino, but exclusively by President Chavez’s decision in 1999 to kill further hydro-power investments, and by his regime’s complete failure to build/commission any of the new thermal power generation and transmission projects that Venezuela required.

*Water volume in the Caroni River averaged 4,153 cubic meters per second in 2009, only 14% less than the river’s historical average flow of 4,813 m3/s. Further, from January-April 2009 the river’s water volume was substantially higher than the historical average for those months. For example, volume in January 2009 was 5,467 m3/s or 133% higher than the historical average of 2,350 m3/s for that month.

*The Army generals Chavez appointed to head Edelca – Daniel Machado, followed by Hipolito Izquierdo – politicized Edelca, derailed the hydro-power utility’s planned investments, looted its annual budget to fund regime-mandated ideological indoctrination and propaganda programs, and allowed gangsters disguised as “labor leaders” to take control of the Tocoma hydro-power project. Tocoma now is some three years behind schedule and infested with drug traffickers and armed thugs who sell job openings to poor workers.


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3 Responses to President Hugo Chavez: Sack of Lies

  1. GB says:

    Buying jobs…
    My wife’s 21-year old cousin in Puerto Ordaz was scraping up Bs.F 4000 to buy a job at the steel plant. They took his money apparently, then he was murdered (shot dead at his house as part of a love triangle…supposedly), then was hired the week after his death.
    It is an evil system.


  2. CuervoBlanco says:

    One of the things that utterly pissed me off, yet in between my incredibly hard laughing and moments where I only wished to cry while listening Chavez, is blaming the “psst 50 years” as the cause of the Power “little problem”.

    I mean, what the … is wrong. Venezuelan power grid was in effect BUILT and kept working during those 50 years and its still serving the population. Chavez is still living on the spoils of what is left of that system after his eleven years in power where he did nothing for it.

    Chavez, besides being a lying sack of shit, is a reverse King Midas. Instead of turning what he touches in gold, he turns what he touches in… manure.


  3. Juancho says:

    Throughout all of the Chavez experimment, it seemingly never occurred to the Chavistas that there were actual jobs that HAD to be done. This sounds so basic it seems ludicrous to even mention it, but the Chavistas never truly uderstood that, doe instance, a hydro-electric plant, a refinery, and an energy grid all have technical protocols that MUST be carried out or eventually, said plants and their services simply will not work. No exceptions.

    The idea that you can use a company like Edelca as a platform for a socialist agenda, that you can staff it with daft Generals with no experience in energy management, that you can “sell” jobs al a “On the Waterfront,” and still have a functional company is not merely dishonest (lying sack of shit), it’s idiotic. And so long as Chavistas have a lock on admistrative positions, course correction is impossible.

    They call it critical mass . . .



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