Diosdado Cabello Demands Justice

Diosdado Cabello, president of national telecommunications commission Conatel and minister of public works and housing, wants justice.

Cabello called a press conference to say that he has formally asked Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz to open a “criminal investigation” of remarks made on 14 January 2010 by Fedecamaras president Noel Álvarez during an interview broadcast by RCTV Internacional’s “La Entrevista” program.

Álvarez reportedly said that a “military solution” could be a way of dealing with the “government’s pretensions of hegemonic control over the means of solution.”

If Álvarez indeed said that, he’s a useful fool – er, tool – for the Chavez regime’s conspiracy disinformation campaign.

A military solution?

Chavez ruined Venezuela with the willing assistance of corrupt and incompetent retired and active duty military officers, many of whom are former “golpistas” who betrayed their nation and lost all honor/integrity in 1992. Cabello is one of these Bolivarian homeboys – one of the very worst in the bunch.

Asking today’s broken, politicized, corrupt military leadership to provide a “solution” to Chavez would be like moving the deck chairs on the Titanic, or placing a ravenous pack of foxes in charge of the henhouse.

Cabello said at the presser that the investigation should include all of the players involved in promoting the alleged “golpista” sentiments voiced by Álvarez, including the program’s host and RCTV Internacional, which is broadcast by cable.

It’s to be expected that AG Ortega Diaz will respond obediently to Cabello, the second most powerful figure in the regime after President Chavez.

However, the person that ought to be the target of a serious criminal investigation is Diosdado Cabello. A few of the alleged irregularities and potentially criminal activities by Cabello that richly deserve to be investigated include:

*Cabello’s direct participation in planning and executing a strategy to commit mass murder in Caracas on 11 April, 2002.

*Cabello’s business associations with recently-disgraced Bolibourgeois impresarios like Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco, who did many dirty “negocios” which benefited Cabello financially until late 2009, but who but now is detained at military intelligence (DGIM) headquarters, in the clutches of DGIM chief Hugo Carvajal. Fernandez Barrueco was leading the push to build a Bolibourgeois financial empire in which Cabello was the secret top dog. Also, Fernandez Barrueco and Carvajal are implicated in the abduction almost a year ago of banker German Garcia Velutini.

*Cabello’s role in the award of turnkey contracts worth over $4 billion on paper to Spanish contractors Duro Felguera, Iberdrola and Elecnor. Duro Felquera reportedly will build the 1,620 termocentro thermal power plant in the Tuy Valleys, and Iberdrola-Elecnor will build a 1,000 MW thermal power generation plant in Cumana. Analysts who crunched the numbers say they add up to a huge overpayment, which means someone is pocketing a few hundreds of millions of dollars.

Cabello is a top kingpin in the crime groups entrenched at the highest levels of the Chavez regime. He has been loosely associated in crime, politics and business since 2001 with former Interior & Justice Minister Ramon Rodriguez Chacin.

Cabello is fiercely loyal to President Chavez. His motto is “I’ll do whatever the president says/decides.” This unflinching loyalty, until now, has bought Cabello impunity to do whatever he wishes as long as Chavez’s will is done. But Machiavelli certainly would advise Chavez to keep Cabello closer than his closest friends and blood relatives.


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4 Responses to Diosdado Cabello Demands Justice

  1. Congratulations, your “black swan” article is translated in today’s El Universal!

    This is your “official” consecration in the opposition intelligentsia.



  2. Juancho says:

    Gringo wrote: “Diosdado Cabello, president of national telecommunications commission Conatel and minister of public works and housing, wants justice.”

    In the welter of baloney, blather and bullshit that has permeated everything the Chavistas have ever touched (called the reverse Midas touch by someone on this list), the most long-forgotten and remote vitue is justice. True justice stands on principals separate from any man’s will or whim or desire.

    In basically dismissing the entire judiciary and stocking it with lackies in red shirts, Chavez has swapped out justice in order to insure that his will, his whim and his desire comes first – and bugger the “pueblo.” So when we now here that Sr. Cabello want justice, we unstand that he wants nothing to do with justice as it’s actually defined, he simply wants to exercise his will and have his way – and bugger the “pueblo.”

    The royal sham here is that the “pueblo” is being told this very “justice” is in their best interest, even as they, and all of Venezuela, take it up the backside.



  3. Paco GT says:

    Diosdado demands Justice??

    Sounds like Al Capone complaining about John Dillinger for badmouthing him!!!

    Venezuela doesn’t have a government; it has a few mafia families and a Caopi di Tutti Capi that keeps the peace and distributes territories and businesses between them.


  4. bazinga! says:

    Last paragraph provides some timeless good advice from 15th century Florence, as good today as it ever was … great article gringo.


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