Grima Wormtongue’s “Golpista” Fables

Jose Vicente Rangel, aka Grima Wormtongue of the Bolivarian revolution, is spinning “golpista” fables again. The “same golpistas” who plotted the violence of 11 April, 2002 once again are conspiring within the armed forces and the civilian political opposition, he says. But the revolution knows who the plotters are and will take them all down at the appropriate time.

JVR is one of the Chavez regime’s longtime insiders, although Chavez wisely has never trusted him. Grima Wormtongue is, after all, a lethal serpent, true to his lifelong ambition to amass wealth and political power, but always treacherous to everyone else including his own blood.

JVR has served Chavez faithfully for a decade, first as Foreign Minister, then defense Minister and finally as Vice President before he retired from public life to return to his first love – spinning outrageous and unsubstantiated myths while wearing the mantle of a “journalist” and “commentator.”

But JVR is poison of the worst kind.

JVR is directly implicated in at least two assassinations, and in late 2001-early 2002 he actively plotted to commit mass murder on 11 April, 2002 with President Chavez, then-Vice President Diosdado Cabello, then-Interior & Justice Minister Ramon Rodriguez Chacin, then-Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez, the entire military high command (except the commander of the Army and then-Cufan commander), and various chavista political figures.

Now JVR claims that multiple conspiracies are under way withint he armed forces and civilian opposition.

News reports over the past weekend said that three generals have been arrested for alleged plots against Chavez and are being held at military intelligence (DGIM), where Chavez’s top intelligence official – General Hugo Carvajal – divides his time between rooting out conspiracies within the military and actively cooperating with FARC narco-terrorists.

But the only “active” conspiracies that Caracas Gringo has detected through his military friends involve officers who are known to serve the Chavez regime as moles and double agents.

Chavez fears secret deep pools of discontent within the military, and so has deployed his military moles and provocateurs to entrap officers in all branches of the armed forces. The same provocateurial activities are happening within the civilian political opposition.

Some alleged “oppo” figures do the devil’s work for the Bolivarian revolution, taking regime money under-the-table to spy on their colleagues and disrupt efforts to forge a credible degree of unity. It’s been so for many years.

Never under-estimate Chavez when it comes to manipulating conspiracies; El Comandante is a Grand Master of conspiratorial intrigue who has spent a lifetime immersed in plots, treachery and double and triple crosses.

The regime’s Cuban-supported intelligence services have reason to be concerned. Venezuela is suffering broad systemic disruptions and failures which the Chavez regime’s incredibly imcompetent/destructive policies have created.

Poor Venezuelans, particularly, are increasingly angry with the Chavez regime for wrecking everything it touches while doing little/nothing to create jobs, reduce violent crime and improve living standards.

The regime can brag about reducing poverty. But poor Venezuelans know that’s bullshit. Life in Venezuela has cheapened awesomely since Chavez has ruled the roost.

In the barrios of Caracas a cash payment of BsF 1,000 – only $232 at the new oil dollar of BsF 4.30 or just $166 at the swap (permuta) rate – is more than enough to hire a “sicario” (contract killer) to murder a rival in a love triangle.

Now the power sector has collapsed, again thanks to Chavez though he is trying mightily to blame it on El Nino and global warming caused mostly by the hated imperialist “yanquis”.

The shortlived experiment with power rationing in Caracas on 12 January 2010 terrified President Chavez and his thugs; the president felt the “pulse” of the “pueblo.” No kidding.

The regime’s intelligence operatives in the “barrios” warned Miraflores that if power rationing in Caracas was not suspended immediately, the “pueblo” would descend from the slums like ravenous locusts and torch the city.

The “caracazo” of February 1989 would be a walk in the park compared to the likely reaction that continued power rationing in Caracas would trigger, say a couple of Caracas Gringo’s contacts in the barrios – hard men associated with the Tupamaros.

Hence, Grima Wormtongue’s recent warnings about new “golpista” conspiracies within the military and civilian opposition.

Chavez needs scapegoats for a new witch hunt/purge, and excuse to arrest, jail and, perhaps, even dispose of some people terminally.


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10 Responses to Grima Wormtongue’s “Golpista” Fables

  1. Eric says:

    Did I say Chávez didn’t win the election? No. Am I saying he didn’t win the election by 27 pts? Damn right. Chávez in all probability (we’ll never know for sure) won by 5-10 pts. Some who’ve studied the election, using the fraud voting patterns discovered in the 2004 elections as templates to reframe the 2006 results, put the margin lower. But no, I don’t doubt he won. But not by 27 pts.

    Reliable polls showed that Chávez never had a lead over 25 pts after August. Me consta.

    I take it that putting “academic” is mean to cast aspersions on the validity of the research. Well, what you so glibly dismiss was peer-reviewed by two of the world’s most prestigious academic journals in mathematics and statistics, Statistical Science ( and the International Review of Statistics (

    Don’t just read the headlines, or listen to the same old “authorities” Paz. Dig deeper. Do your homework. You’ll be surprised what you find.


  2. Mamarracho says:

    Gringo, OT. The apparently increasingly frequent modus operandi of criminal commandos attacking residential buildings, taking people hostage while looting their apartment shatters the idea that it was safer to live in a high rise than a house. It seems many of these criminals are either ex or still active PTJs. Given your contacts a review of this would be interesting. Has this ever happened in other countries?


  3. L. Paz says:

    Grima Wormtongue is a Tolkien character, in the second and third books of The Lord of the Rings.

    CCS Gringo — there’s lots to agree with here, but the idea of oppo figures taking $ to spy — that’s a pretty serious allegation, one that should be accompanied by more specific charges and evidence. Otherwise, it’s inflammatory without being enlightening.


    • Eric says:

      Thanks for the clarification, Paz. I’d assumed that it was wordplay on Grima (“da grima” is an expression of disgust, and JVR certainly is one of the most repellent figures in Venezuela’s contemporary political history), but the Wormtongue business had me stymied.

      As for oppo figures taking money from the regime, you’re right, it’s a charge that should be substantiated. I’m 99% certain, for example, from what I’ve been able to glean from what I consider to be unimpeachable sources, that a certain triumvirate of oppo political hopefuls compromised themselves in 2006 by accepting some $300 million from the government, money that was to finance the opposition campaign in exchange for unquestioningly accepting what would be a massive (and massively fraudulent) Chávez election win six months later; the promise by Lengua de Gusano that oppo forces would, thereafter, no longer be excoriated as golpistas, oligarchs, and — in a word — scum; and that Chavez would play along with this new (bought and sold) “loyal opposition” and sorta pretend to be a democrat while doing whatever he wanted to do anyway.

      Chávez went on to win by 28 pts, was it (the same margin that Ahmadinejad “won” by in last year’s elections), and of course no one, except for a group of academics who’d studied Chávez’s election fraud methodologies since 2004, publicly questioned the results. Some oppo spokesmen even went on lengthy international speaking tours (who paid fot hose junkets anyway?), claiming that the 2006 elections were as clean as any in Venezuela’s history. And of course we all know how the promised détente went: JVR the deal broker was sacked weeks after the election, and Chávez went on a scorched earth rampage with his Cinco Motores de la Revolución in January.

      In that case, as far as I’m concerned, money clearly changed hands. Today it’s harder to tell. CCS Gringo, if you have any specifics, please share.


    • L. Paz says:

      Um, that’s INSANE. I’m as anti-Chavista as they come, and I think he won that election. As did the rest of the world, for good reason — high approval ratings, strong economic growth, massive campaign spending, a mediocre opponent. A tilted playing field and unfair ref? Yes. But he still won. The “academic” research you cited isn’t cited by others for a reason.

      Overstated claims of fraud in 2004 and 2006 have done real damage. This year, the government is likely to cheat, because they can’t win otherwise. And when the opposition cries Fraud!…well, let’s just hope they fare better than the boy who cried Wolf.


  4. Lazarus says:

    and “God Given hair” ?


    • NicaCat says:

      Spanish to English translation: “Diosdado” = God-given, “Cabello” = hair. I don’t have a clue about “Grima Wormtongue”, however.


  5. Lazarus says:

    same ?


  6. Neil says:

    Where does the Grima Wormtongue moniker come from?


    • CuervoBlanco says:

      Grima Wormtongue, as L. Paz Said, is a JJR Tolkien Character. It was a hazy, dark character, who served as an “advisor” to some king but kept him chained in lies with the enemy. This suits JVR perfectly, since his tongue is extremely dangerous and filthy, an old known creepy liar and backstabber.


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