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Terrified, Hugo Chavez threatens mass slaughter

President Hugo Chavez, terrified, has threatened on national television to unleash a bloody pogrom against his political opponents and anyone who opposes him, meaning over half of the civilian population. These are his precise words: “I warn, make no mistake, … Continue reading

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Shoulder to Shoulder with RCTV

Caracas Gringo is privileged to personally know for over 30 years some of the men and women who manage the 1BC Group, which owns RCTV. They represent the best of Venezuela – integrity, honor, honesty, imagination, creativity, entrepreneurship, respect for … Continue reading

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Blameless Bolivarian Revolution

New Electric Energy Minister Ali Rodriguez Araque, aka “Comandante Fausto” and longtime henchman of the Castro brothers, has unveiled the Bolivarian regime’s “plans” for managing the national power crisis: Blame the political opposition. Rodriguez Araque, who has been the electric … Continue reading

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Bolivarian Gallows Humor

The power crisis Venezuelans will suffer for the next two or three years (under a best-case scenario) is an unparalleled tragedy in the country’s history. Strategic sectors like petroleum, gas, steel and aluminum that were built over several decades by … Continue reading

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Diosdado Cabello Demands Justice

Diosdado Cabello, president of national telecommunications commission Conatel and minister of public works and housing, wants justice. Cabello called a press conference to say that he has formally asked Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz to open a “criminal investigation” of … Continue reading

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Israel: Chavez shipped arms to Hezbollah

Israeli army intelligence officials tell Israel Today that President Hugo Chavez was involved in a shipment of missiles and other heavy weapons seized by Israeli commandos off the coast of Cyprus in November 2009. Israeli intelligence concluded the weapons were … Continue reading

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President Hugo Chavez: Sack of Lies

President Hugo Chavez is a desperate liar trapped in a maze of his own manufacture. Chavez faces a crisis from which he cannot extricate himself. But credit him for pulling out all the stops. Since Venezuela’s national power crisis finally … Continue reading

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Grima Wormtongue’s “Golpista” Fables

Jose Vicente Rangel, aka Grima Wormtongue of the Bolivarian revolution, is spinning “golpista” fables again. The “same golpistas” who plotted the violence of 11 April, 2002 once again are conspiring within the armed forces and the civilian political opposition, he … Continue reading

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Haiti, Dispassionately

Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia – all ALBA regimes coordinated from Havana – accuse the United States of using the earthquake as an excuse to occupy Haiti militarily. President Hugo Chavez, who sees imminent US invasions of Venezuela everywhere he looks, … Continue reading

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Chain Reactions

President Hugo Chavez and his gang of incompetent thugs caught a glimpse of the abyss in Caracas this week, and recoiled like snakes fleeing a fire. The president “rectified…wisely” because he has the “pulse” of the people, some of his … Continue reading

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