US National Debt Clock

Watch the real-time growth of the coming Mother of all Global Debt Crises.

About Caracas Gringo

Representing less than 0.00000000001515152% of the world population as of 31 December 2011.
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7 Responses to US National Debt Clock

  1. RENE says:

    Caracasgringo, we miss you! Hope you write soon. Thank you for your groundbreaking investigative work this year, it is one the very few investigative reporting here in Venezeula. Merry Christmas!


  2. revbob22 says:

    Merry Christmas, Gringo. Hope all is well.

    Hasta la bamba!


  3. luis brito says:

    good very good, very concise and with a lot of true things congratulations caracasgringo, still in the same way, your information in the blog is a clear way to know about hidden things


  4. Neil says:

    I see you’re taking some time off for the holiday season, Gringo. Good for you. You’ve earned it. Your blog has broken new ground in the field of Venezuelan criminal-political forensics, and you deserve not only a time-out (hopefully in some relatively safe corner of the world, far from Venezuela) but also heartfelt congratulations and the respect of your readers for the risks you’re taking. Come back soon. We miss you.


    • CuervoBlanco says:

      I second that, Ive been checking the site everyday hoping to see some new material but I also came to the conclusion that gringo took some well deserved days off. Same thing, coongratulations and merry christmas for you gringo!


  5. m_astera says:

    Good to see that you have a clear grasp of the reality.

    For some reason I am reminded of the “boat people” who managed to get out of Vietnam in the late 1970s. From what I heard, the price of a place on the boat was 10 ounces of gold.

    Then again, where you gonna go?


  6. NicaCat says:

    Actually, that’s pretty scary!


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