Hugo Chavez: Whiney Wannabe Warrior

President Hugo Chavez whines that a dictator’s life is a lonely life lived in self-imposed isolation.

During the 8 November nationally televised edition of “Alo Presidente,” Chavez lamented that he is “condemned to death” and so must live perpetually inside Miraflores at “…the bottom of my cave.”

Chavez spoke of Thomas Sankara, the army officer who led a coup which created Burkina Faso and was assassinated in 1987 inside his home. Sankara lived in his own small apartment instead of the presidential palace and that is why he was killed, said Chavez.

Chavez said wistfully that he would certainly live in “a small apartment” if he wasn’t a condemned man.

Chavez added that if he was only a mayor in Caracas he would ride a bicyle in public to meet and chat with his “pueblo.”

Yes, sighed chavez, he would even “ride a burro” to meet the people.

But Chavez said that Fidel Castro has advised him repeatedly over the years that he must take responsibility for protecting his own life.

“Fidel told me, if you get killed it’s your own fault,” Chavez said.

“I come out of my cave when I’m obligated and return, like a prisoner…but I have grown accustomed to this life and I do not feel like a prisoner, I feel happily free,” he said.

Chavez also trashed the United States and Colombia, as he has been doing every day since the US-Colombia signed an agreement giving US military forces on counter-drug/counter-terrorist missions the right to deploy from a half-dozen Colombian army, air force and navy bases.

The president’s rant against the US and Colombia seeks to position the Bolivarian revolution as a people’s socialist movement which the US is planning to invade from Colombia. According to Chavez, the US wants to seize Venezuela’s crude and gas reserves, and make Venezuela into a “Yanqui” colony which enslaves the “pueblo.”

Chavez declared that the “Bolivarian armed forces, the militia, the people, students, workers and women…must waste no time preparing for war…(and) to defend the sacred, holy motherland” against the imminent US military invasion from Colombia.

However, will the great Comandante-en-Jefe Chavez emerge from his cave to lead the “pueblo” in defending the Venezuelan homeland?

Not likely.

Chavez talks a good fight, like all bullies who think they have a lot of backup to do any actual fighting.

But Chavez is at heart a coward, and always has been a coward.

*As a cadet at the Military Academy in the early 1970s, Chavez always flinched and backed away from his opponents in every unarmed combat training session in which he participated. Caracas Gringo knows several of the unarmed combat instructors who tried to teach Chavez how to fight. They all agree Chavez is a gutless coward.

*Chavez spent years plotting a leftist/militarist coup against Venezuela’s democratic government. But when the big day finally arrived on 4 February 1992, Chavez betrayed his comrades-at-arms, deviated from his assigned mission, stopped his forces well out of harm’s way, and immediately reached out with an offer of unconditional surrender. This was the only tactical military operation which Chavez ever has executed, and he chickened out before sunrise while his comrades were shedding blood.

*On 11 April, 2002 Chavez hid inside Miraflores palace, and surrounded himself with over 1,000 National Guard troops and thousands of armed Chavista civilians. Chavez was frightened out of his wits when he realized that between 800,000 and 1 million civilians were marching peacefully towards Miraflores. And what did Chavez do? First, Chavez ordered his generals to deploy tanks against civilians and lethally crush the peaceful protest. Second, when Chavez realized his massacre of civilians had backfired, he immediately reached out with an offer to negotiate his surrender if only he were allowed to leave Venezuela with a suitcase packed with US dollars.

Jose Vicente Rangel (aka Grima Wormtongue) knows this description of a Chavez panicked beyond reason on 11 April, 2002 is 100% accurate. When Grima, among other radicals in the criminal Bolivarian regime, urged Chavez to fortify Miraflores and shoot it out “to the last man and the last bullet,” the president went ballistic.

As Grima told a longtime associate in May 2002, Chavez responded more or less as follows:

“You want me to immolate myself like that “pendejo” Allende? No joda! Not me! I’m not going to sacrifice myself like Allende. Yo no soy ningun pendejo. Call Rosendo, call Lucas Rincon… call the generals! Tell them I want to resign and leave Venezuela immediately!”

Chavez later explained that his actions were dictated by a sincere desire to avoid an armed clash between opposing military forces. However, there never were any opposing forces, and the generals (even those close to Chavez) were all trying to avoid violence. Some were intent on saving their butts, and others on gaining promotions (or at least keeping their current ranks) in whatever government that would replace Chavez.

Chavez doesn’t have the “cojones” to lead anyone in combat.

Chavez will never do anything that places his own skin seriously at risk of bleeding or even suffering bruises.

Chavez is, at his core, a power-crazed bully with no balls.

Chavez’s “courage” and his “warrior” rants come from the security he feels from surrounding himself with at least seven rings of bodyguards.

At least one of these security rings is 100% Cuban. The Cubans were sent from Havana by Fidel, and they are tasked by Fidel with protecting Chavez at any cost.

Chavez is worth over $1.5 billion a year in cash, oil and other freebies for the Castro regime (none of which trickles down to the Cuban people who nowadays wipe their butts with pages from Granma).

There are plenty of people in the criminal Bolivarian revolution who are willing to kill at the drop of a pin, people like Rodriguez Chacin, Carvajal, Rangel Silva, Diosdado Cabello, Jesse Chacon, Freddy Bernal, and Pedro Luis Martin, among many others.

But Chavez will never, under any circumstances, place himself in harm’s way. And that is the true reason why Chavez, in his own words, prefers to live “… at the bottom of my cave.”


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2 Responses to Hugo Chavez: Whiney Wannabe Warrior

  1. RWG says:

    Chavez is clearly afraid of assassination. However, he is much more afraid of capture and put on trial for all his crimes.
    Chavez has broken Constitutional law continuously for a decade. Moreover, if he gives $1.5 billion to Cuba annually, what does he take for himself and his family?

    His bravado words are an attempt to warn others that he is prepared for assassination attempts. He needs to realize that the Cubans will be the ones most likely to kill him after Fidel is dead.


  2. CuervoBlanco says:

    Just like “all hat-no cattle” Zelaya, Hugo’s new name (but with a lot of history already) should be something near “all beret-no balls” Chavez. he is one serious case of alambre liso; ataja pero no puya.


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