Tinariwen: Touareg Desert Roots Music

Caracas Gringo’s friends know about my addiction to collecting blues and roots music from all over the world; over 265,000 songs to date and counting…

Here are some rockin’ desert blues songs by Tinariwen, a band of Touareg nomad musicans from northern Mali:

Dualahila ar Tesninam

Tamatant Tilay

Cler Achel


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3 Responses to Tinariwen: Touareg Desert Roots Music

  1. Mamarracho says:

    Lovely. I had the privilege of travelling in Niger and getting to know Touaregs, silversmiths and musicians. My sis travelled throughout the country with artists on an anti-aids crusade. This rekindled some great memories. At times it seems like a dream and not experience.


  2. revbob22 says:

    Thanks for posting the links. Definitely music worth listening to, I am glad you turned us on to this band.

    The use of electric guitar in place of their traditional instrument is pretty cool!

    Definitely worth including in my library.

    Gracias, CCS Gringo!


  3. Charly says:

    As a fellow who’s one great grand mother is a Targui, I was just thrilled. I have some pretty good music from West Africa, especially Mali, but that stuff, probably from Niger is just to good. Thanks Lenoir.


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