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The Revolution Eats Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco

President Hugo Chavez says that he ordered the intervention of Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco’s banks on 20 November because Fernandez Barrueco broke the law repeatedly and could not justify the sources of the funds he used to purchase Bancos Banpro, Bolivar, … Continue reading

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Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco: The First Domino?

Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco’s fall from the commanding heights of Bolivarian grace was stunningly swift. Is he going down alone, or will other Bolibourgeois “bankers” lose their banks and their personal freedom soon? Is Fernandez Barrueco’s sudden demise an isolated event, … Continue reading

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Dead Man Walking: Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco

Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco was telling financial reporters only a couple of months ago that he had “over $1 billion in cash on hand” to acquire banks, insurance companies and other financial entities. But today his life probably isn’t worth two … Continue reading

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Brewing A Bolivarian Border Conflict

President Hugo Chavez and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are jointly mobilizing against the Colombia-US agreement that allows US counterdrug and counterterrorism forces to deploy from over a half-dozen Colombian army, air force and navy bases. The FARC … Continue reading

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Tacoa’s Troubles

Venezuela suffered four national power outages in 2008 and two or three so far in 2009. Caracas got hit each time for a few minutes to a several hours. But power outages rarely last for a very long time in … Continue reading

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The Hugo Chavez Follies

President Hugo Chavez is still warning of an armed conflict between Venezuela and Colombia. But his anti-Colombian warmongering rhetoric is a red herring. The threats to Chavez, and to Venezuela’s security and stability, are internal. On the shortlist: *Lights Out: … Continue reading

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Mapping Murder in Venezuela

At least 19,400 persons will be murdered in Venezuela this year, an increase of 4,816 homicides (33%) compared with 14,584 homicides recorded in 2008, according to Incosec, an NGO that uses homicide statistics nationally to create a dynamic “map” of … Continue reading

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